How to Ensure Your Nonprofit Website Design Matches Your Brand

Website Design Matches Brand

You’re at a standstill. You’ve got wonderful business collateral—great business cards, awesome letterhead, and shiny new coffee mugs with your logo on them—but you are without a website. You want to tell your story and showcase your mission, but how do you make your website immediately recognizable by matching your existing brand?

The key to seamless branding across all media platforms is consistency.

Consistent Color

Incorporate existing colors from your logo and other brand collateral into your site. If your logo is made of airy blues and vibrant oranges, it probably wouldn’t make a lot of sense to fill your website with heavy grays and forest greens. Using established colors will help site visitors draw the connection to your brand.

Consistent Imagery

Does your organization use photography or specific graphic elements in your printed materials? Incorporate some of the same imagery into your website. Use a nice photo from your brochure as a focal point in your website’s header to help tell your story. Or incorporate the background texture from your business cards into part of your website to help build the visual continuity.

Consistent Typography

Using similar typography in your website and marketing materials can impact the look and feel of your brand in a big way. While typography can be overlooked from time to time, it is also one thing that can really tie your online and offline brand together. If you’re using big, bold sans serif headers in your printed work, incorporate that into your web presence. This attention to detail can be the difference between good and incredible quality branding

One thing to keep in mind about typography is that there are limited fonts built for web. If you can’t find the exact font used in your business collateral for the web, try finding something that looks similar.

Consistent Tone

What is your organization’s tone? Is your tone serious and somber, or playful and cheerful? If you’re using a very informative, serious tone throughout your printed brochures and business materials, you probably wouldn’t want the tone of your web presence to be playful and casual, and vice versa.

Writing in a consistent tone on both printed materials and on the web will reassure your supporters that your organization has a specific vision, and make it easy for them to create a connection and feel familiar with you as an organization.

Examples of Consistent Nonprofit Branding

Grand St. Settlement

Grand St. Settlement takes the vibrant colors from their logo, and incorporates them into their website.

Grand St. Settlement Website
They also use a color blocking technique in their website that is translated nicely from their business cards.

Grand St. Settlement Business Cards



Accion uses orange throughout all of their marketing materials. The bright orange, coupled with their complementary typography creates a unified brand on both paper and the web.


Accion Website

Accion Stationery

Accion Newsletter


Cystic Fibrosis Trust

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust branding is very eye-catching and absolutely recognizable on any media platform. Here they have used matching headlines, with a bright yellow background, overlaid by bold, handwritten headings. This monochromatic yellow color scheme is carried nicely throughout their brand initiatives.


Cystic Fibrosis Website

Cystic Fibrosis Ads

Cystic Fibrosis Banners



Acumen really unifies their visual collateral through incredible photography. All of their marketing pieces feature large, captivating photos of people around the world. The Acumen logo sports a nice diagonal line cutting through the “A.” This diagonal line is a focal point throughout the rest of their branding.


Acumen Website

Acumen App

Acumen Folder

Do you have any other examples we should check out? Please let us know in the comments below.