Fight Colorectal Cancer Biomarked Website Launches

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Biomarked campaign microsite for Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC)!

We’ve enjoyed working with this extraordinary organization again, having already launched the main Fight CRC website earlier this year. Building on the success and strong foundation of the new site, Fight CRC was looking to create an online hub for their new Biomarked campaign. By creating an interactive and informative subsite about the role of biological markers in cancer treatment, Fight CRC continues to empower and educate those affected by colon and rectal cancers.

Because we built the responsive, single-page microsite within their existing website structure, Fight CRC was able to both save money and simplify administrative access for their staff. While staying on-brand with the look and feel of their primary website and other campaigns, the Biomarked site uses a more bold and daring design in honor of Clint Cummings, a well-known tattoo artist who recently lost his battle with colorectal cancer.

Biomarked Homepage

Geared toward those recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer and their caregivers, the microsite is home to a wide range of resources that the organization has developed to power people for the fight. In particular, visitors can explore an aggregated list of common colorectal cancer biomarkers. Clicking on a biomarker displays a pop-out window with details that can also be printed and shared with doctors and others.

Biomarker Pop-up

In addition to making scientific information really accessible, the microsite uses multimedia storytelling to get at the heart of the issue. Embedded videos and links to stories on the blog add a more personal touch, and visitors can submit their own stories to the campaign to share their experiences with others.

To help people make informed decisions, the microsite offers a free packet for patients, caregivers and medical providers. We created a form that allows visitors to receive the packet by mail or email, and Fight CRC can automatically keep track of requests through the form’s integration with their Salesforce database.

Visit the Fight Colorectal Cancer Biomarked website to learn more about the role of biomarkers in effective cancer treatments and the importance of knowing yours when it comes to colon and rectal cancers.

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