The bright and breathable Airy theme is both beautiful and practical, giving your nonprofit the flexibility it needs.

Airy is perfect for a nonprofit zeroed in on one or two main calls to action, as the homepage offers unique opportunities to direct your supporters to key goals. With a clean and simple design, it provides a streamlined experience for your visitors.

Why Choose Airy?

Match Your Brand

You’ll be able to update the colors, use your logo, add photos, and link to your social media accounts to help the design look and feel like your organization. See how each site looks unique.

Responsive Design

Make it easy for supporters to stay connected. Websites built with Airy will automatically adjust to different screen sizes, including desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

One Main Menu

Keep things simple with a single menu across the top of your website. You have the option to add a button style to any page that’s listed last in the navigation, like Get Involved or Donate.

Homepage Hero

Direct visitors’ attention to the most important page on your site using the button within the large hero image on the homepage. Customize the text and link, and change them whenever you like.

Calls to Action

Airy homepages can feature a full-width call to action with a custom color background, drawing attention to an important action you’d like visitors to take—like to volunteer or make a donation.

WordPress Blocks

Easily add and format content on your site using standard and nonprofit-specific WordPress blocks: inline calls-to-action, columns, icons, multimedia, accordions, tabs and more!

Flexible Site Structure

Your site will grow along with your organization with the flexibility to add unlimited pages. Plus, you can adjust your site’s menus and sidebars.

Nonprofit Features

Accept donations, email signups and event registrations. Manage volunteers. Start a blog. Build online forms. Get all of the features included in your website plan.

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