Website Structure

Structure #5 – Direct Service Provider

This structure works well for:

  • Nonprofits that offer direct services to clients in the community
  • Organizations that want visitors to reach out directly for services (or at least have a concrete next step for interested visitors, such as getting a referral from a doctor for services)


Direct Service Provider Website Structure

When using this structure, be sure to:

  • Make Service Areas and Service Names Clear to All – As we’ve noted elsewhere, clarity is the key here when it comes to naming your service areas and individual service pages. Many visitors likely will be coming for the first time, and it may be an emotional time for them depending on your line of work. Make sure they’ll know exactly what it is you’re offering.
  • Avoid Including One Service in Multiple Service Areas – It can be confusing to visitors if one page is presented in multiple sections within your structure. If a service falls into two or more service areas, pick the best fit and make that its home. You can still link to this service page from the pages within the other service areas to make it easier for visitors to find.
  • Link Between Related Services – If two or more of your services are related, be sure to include links to each directly within your page content. That way, if a visitor is reading about one of your services, they’ll easily be able to learn more about the related services you have available, increasing the likelihood they’ll decide to reach out.
  • Clearly Highlight Next Steps on Service Pages – On each individual service page, make it clear to your visitors how to take the next step if they’re interested in and eligible for what you have to offer. This may include filling out a form, calling your intake line or asking their doctor for a referral. Whatever the next step looks like for your visitors, make it clear and consider a prominent button or call to action so they won’t miss it.