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Bay Area Lyme Foundation website on mobile devices

Bay Area Lyme Foundation: Mobile and Tablet Design


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Interactive grid showcases stories of individuals affected by Lyme

Bay Area Lyme Foundation Stories

Donation form integrated directly into the website for an easy and efficient donation experience

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Bay Area Lyme Foundation is an amazing organization dedicated to the research and prevention of Lyme disease. From the outset, they were committed to establishing their website as a community resource for learning about Lyme disease.

They don’t just want to showcase their own work when it comes to preventing, diagnosing and treating Lyme disease. They also want to provide visitors with clear, helpful information in what may very well be a difficult time in their lives.

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Website Features

The Bay Area Lyme Foundation website has a variety of features, including:

  • A responsive design that adjusts to fit tablets and mobile devices
  • An interactive grid of faces and stories to showcase the impact Lyme disease has had on individuals
  • An online donation form incorporated directly into the website
  • A blog to share helpful information and updates on research projects
  • The ability for visitors to easily sign up for Bay Area Lyme Foundation’s email newsletter


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