Role at Wired Impact

Alex spends her days keeping up with the latest web and usability trends. She uses this information to add a design touch to nonprofit websites and highlight each organization’s mission while appealing to visitors. She often works coffee in-hand and headphones on as she browses photos and crafts custom looks for each site.

Alex also enjoys spending her time illustrating and designing the infographics and downloadable guides on the Wired Impact site. She loves creating these tools to help individuals and organizations understand the digital world (in all its complexity).

Why She Loves This Work

Alex tries to live her life by following the Golden Rule. She loves working for a company where helping more and more people is always the big picture goal. Nonprofits are helping the world become a better place, and Alex loves the opportunity to be a part of that. Her work incorporates her love of design and her desire to help people.

Alex likes the initial concept portion of the website theme design process best. She gets to see the website theme transform over time to eventually be a powerful tool in helping nonprofits reach their goals.

Her Path to Nonprofit Web Work

After volunteering for years as Creative Director for a nonprofit arts organization, Alex cemented her eagerness to help other organizations through graphic design. Designing websites for nonprofits was the perfect way to marry her love of design and passion for helping others do good in their communities.

Alex graduated from Missouri State University with majors in Graphic Design and the Spanish language, and a minor in Art History. She uses one of her majors a lot more than the other these days. Before joining the Wired Impact team in 2014, Alex worked in advertising, creating digital and print sales campaigns for national food service clients.

Outside of Work

Alex supports any cause that promotes art and makes it accessible and available to the general public.

When Alex isn’t working, you can find her taking photos, exploring flea markets, and watching Netflix. She also loves gardening, baking sweet treats, traveling to new places, and painting with watercolors.