Role at Wired Impact

Christine spends her day writing and loves every minute of it. Working with nonprofits to help tell their story in a captivating and meaningful way, she weaves the website content that inspires others to join nonprofits in making the world a better place. She also helps strategize ways to help that content get seen by the right eyes, which often includes SEO research, social media and sitemap creation.

Why She Loves This Work

Helping the people who help people is her jam. Previously an editor for a small nonprofit, Christine learned the importance of quality content for nonprofits and the real difference it can make. Wired Impact allows her to help bring that website magic to other nonprofits, allowing them to gain exposure and grow their missions.

Her Path to Nonprofit Web Work

A graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia, Christine studied magazine writing and went on to write and edit e-books and articles for a small nonprofit. However, her beginnings as a writer go back a bit further. Christine debuted her writing prowess with illustrated short stories on her grandmother’s fridge, the most notable being “I Love Cake.”

Still a lover of cake, Christine now prefers to write about more profound topics, like the great things nonprofits are accomplishing and how they can utilize the web to accomplish more of these great things.

Outside of Work

In her free time, Christine volunteers for the American Red Cross on their Disaster Action Team, working with families who’ve lost their homes in a fire or other disaster.

Christine is also a big fan of traveling to new places, long hikes through the woods and trying unconventional foods. Feel free to ask her about scorpion, cow intestine, durian and a plethora of creepy crawlies that she tried with a grimace but that ended up being not half bad. When she’s not feeling quite so adventurous, you can find her curled up on the couch with a chai tea (that she’s pretty proud of being able to make herself) and a Netflix show or a good book.

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