Role at Wired Impact

Guy-Stephane is an Account Executive at Wired Impact. He sees himself as a consultant rather than your traditional salesperson. You can find him working alongside nonprofits to uncover their biggest website challenges, weigh all of their options and find the most helpful route forward.

When he isn’t talking to nonprofits about their websites, he’s often focused on creating educational content to help nonprofits better leverage their website and online presence. 

Why He Loves This Job

Guy-Stephane loves his work because it fulfills a promise he made to himself when he started his professional career – his team’s output must move the needle on one of these points:

  • Help a social cause 
  • Increase access to a space
  • Develop Africa’s infrastructure

His contribution to Wired Impact tackles the first two points, which excites him daily. His job also requires a high level of curiosity which keeps him on his toes.

His Path to Nonprofit Web Work

Guy-Stephane spent most of his childhood and teenage years on the African continent. He witnessed firsthand the injustices and disparities that plagued the continent, and the incredible individuals who set out to change the world around them. Through this experience, he developed a passion for helping individuals and organizations make a difference in their communities. 

At Wired Impact, Guy-Stephane saw an opportunity to leverage the power and scalability of technology to provide nonprofits with a few of the resources they need to do the incredible things they do!

Outside of Work

When Guy-Stephane isn’t working, you can find him at a record store or creating Spotify playlists. Having clocked in 82,727 minutes on the app in 2022, he loves discovering new music. Please don’t hesitate to send any new music his way!

He loves to travel and hopes to one day be trilingual. He enjoys being an active member of communities (IRL & online) that promote diversity, support the homeless, or advertise a cause he cares for.