* This promotion ended on July 24, 2018, and the post was updated to reflect that.

Here at Wired Impact, we like to think of our blog readers as part of our nonprofit community. And when a community creates something new, everyone has a part in it. We’re working on a new theme for our nonprofit website platform, and we want you, our community, to have a part in it. Will you help us give it a name?

Win Three Free Months of Nonprofit Website Services

We’d like your input on our new theme so much that we’re willing to offer three months free on the Wired Impact platform to the nonprofit that submits our favorite name. That’s a $747 value with no contracts and no strings attached.

What do I have to do to qualify for the free months?

Just submit your best theme name below. There’s a limit of one entry per person, so make sure you only send in your best idea. If you get sneaky and submit multiple entries, we’ll only consider the first one, so make that first one count!

What’s the catch?

Honestly, there isn’t one. We just want to offer our appreciation to you for coming up with an awesome name for our new theme. Basically, when you’re ready to sign up for your new site, we’ll work with you to pause your first three months of payment. After those three months are up, you’ll begin paying the normal $249 per month for as long as you want the website.

Is Wired Impact going to use my email to add me to a bunch of emails I don’t want to receive?

We most certainly will not. We’d be pretty ticked if you did that to us, so we definitely won’t do it to you. But if you want to get our emails and keep informed on the progress of the new theme, sign up using the form in the sidebar to the right.

What if my organization doesn’t need a new website?

While the three free months of service won’t be as helpful, we’d still love to hear from you! And we’ll still show you some love and shout you out if we choose you as the winner.

Do the free months expire?

We know it can take a while to get everyone within your organization on board with building a new site. We’ll honor the three free months as long as you sign up for our platform within a year of being selected as the winner.

What if I’m a current Wired Impact client?

Any nonprofit can submit a name—including current platform clients. If we select you as the winner and you’re already a client, we’ll pause your monthly payments for three months.

How will Wired Impact select the winner?

Our team will take a look at all of the submissions and vote on our favorites. The name with the most votes wins! The last day to submit your entry is July 24, 2018, so be sure to fill out the form below before then to be considered.

Powerful Websites, Empowered Nonprofits

In case you’re not familiar with the Wired Impact platform, we work with nonprofits to build powerful websites and provide them with ongoing advice and support as they use those websites to push their missions forward. The websites are packed with nonprofit-specific features, like an online donation system, event registrations and volunteer management, but don’t carry big upfront costs.

Name Our Theme

The new theme design is clean, bold and includes flexibility for nonprofits to customize it with their branding and tailor it to their audiences. As with our other design options, the new theme will be responsive, easy to use and full of powerful nonprofit features. While we’re still building the theme, we’ve included a few images below to offer a sneak peek of the Homepage design.

Wired Impact website theme preview

Base your name on the look and feel of the theme or connect it to the nonprofit space and its history. Or go a different direction entirely with your submission. We won’t hold you back!

The last day to submit your name was Tuesday, July 24th. Our team voted and chose “Pioneer” as the winning name for our new nonprofit website theme. Thanks to all who participated!