Here at Wired Impact, the perfect recipe for winter holidays—and the whole year—boils down to a few important things: gratitude for great people, the chance to spend time together and enjoying delicious treats!

On the people front, we’ve been honored to expand our client base this year with our nonprofit website platform, serving as their marketing allies. Our community is growing with new faces and new missions, from the Jewish Federation of Greater Des Moines to Project Home Again and Aging Ahead. (Check out all of our recent launches on Facebook!)

When it comes to spending time together, the Wired Impact team had our first all-staff meetup in St. Louis this year to talk strategy and get to know each other better. We also got out and volunteered with a long-time client, preparing a community garden for spring. Our staff is already looking forward to next year’s gathering, especially now that Nickie has just joined us and another project manager is on the way.

Wired Impact team photo

Last but not least, the food! For a company with a regular breakfast club, resident beekeeper, artisan ice cream makers and bread gurus, there’s no shortage of food talk and recipe sharing in our Google chats. We recently shared our favorite holiday treats during our Friday staff meeting:

  • Chocolate dipped mint Oreos and Tiger Butter.
    Allyson, project manager
  • My mom’s chocolate fudge. The whole neighborhood goes berserk for it.
    Lauren, associate digital marketer
  • My aunt Jayne’s rosemary and spiced nuts recipe.
    Katy, content strategist
  • My nani’s Snowball cookies.
    Alex, designer
  • Peppermint bark. All the way.
    David, partner/content strategist
  • A warm cup of hot cocoa.
    Jonathan, partner/programmer
  • My grandma’s apple pie, covered in delicious brown sugar crumbles and ice cream.
    Christine, content strategist
  • Almond bark dipped pretzels.
    Dan, programmer
  • The Christmas Sixlets that come in my stocking every year.
    Nickie, project manager

Treat Yourself

To honor our passion for food, which is second only to nonprofits, we decided to put together a staff cookbook as an end-of-year present to each other. Project manager Allyson Lough (with permission from her mother, don’t worry) offered up the family’s gingerbread cookie recipe. And as a little thank you, we’re happy to share it!

As we head into 2019, we wish all of our clients, readers and friends very happy holidays and winter seasons. May you have all of the ingredients for joyful (and tasty) memories with your loved ones.