For much of the nonprofit world, the year-end season is focused on giving. And to that end, we wish flurries of support and blizzards of donations as 2021 comes to a close. Let it snow!

But in other times of the year, our team gets to witness the smaller triumphs and untold wins of organizations focused on making their visions a reality.

Advocacy days that connect families and legislators.

The volunteer committee that plans a successful event.

An interview on the local evening news.

A heartfelt letter from someone you helped.

The first newsletter sent to a growing email list.

We appreciate the opportunities you’ve given us to see your mission in action and support your efforts to make a difference in the world. Even as Wired Impact hits new milestones for the number of websites built and launched on our platform, the most cherished measurement of our work continues to be the leaders and partners we meet along the way.

Thank you for the gift of collaboration this year, despite the challenges that exist in our communities and the uncertainty that still lingers. We look forward to the successes that a new year brings for you—both big and small—and our only wish is that you continue to introduce us to your pets during video calls. 

As we head into 2022 with gratitude and cheer, all of us at Wired Impact wish you a warm and healthy holiday season.