Whether your organization is applying for grants or offering them, creating compelling content for your website is an essential part of showcasing your credibility, offering transparency, and demonstrating impact. Learn how to uplevel your grant writing and grantmaking efforts by putting your website to good use.

The Benefits of Great Web Content

The vast majority of nonprofits and NGOs have websites these days. But standing out from the crowd doesn’t always mean that you need fancy design or website features. Most organizational goals—spreading awareness, raising money, building partnerships, and mobilizing the community—can be achieved with the types of information, or content, that you offer on your website.

With well-crafted website content, your nonprofit or foundation can:

  • Demonstrate professionalism to people who want to learn about your organization
  • Be more transparent about your operations and financials
  • Demonstrate the impact of your programs, services, or awards
  • Generate traffic from search engines when your site matches relevant queries
  • Easily repurpose information to use in offline materials, like applications or reports
  • Measure what’s resonating with audiences and use website data to be more strategic

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This article was originally written by Wired Impact for the GrantSpace blog. Check out the full post to learn more about:

  • 4 website content best practices for grantseekers that fund their cause through grants
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  • 10 examples of outstanding web content from real organizations, including Partners in Health, Together We Rise, Groundswell Fund, Kendeda Fund and more.

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