Create a nonprofit marketing plan that accomplishes even your most aspirational goals. Nonprofit marketing plans are an important piece of your strategy and help keep your nonprofit organized, accountable and innovative.

Dig into our advice and resources from around the web to create the plan that works best for your organization, from choosing the right goals to measuring results and everything in between.

Setting Goals

In order to reach your most aspirational goals, you’ll need to set them. Too obvious? Gather the full picture and work to map out an achievable course that exceeds what you’re currently doing. Aim to set goals for each piece of your nonprofit marketing plan moving forward. Learn about how to set attainable, yet ambitious goals for your nonprofit’s marketing based on what you’ve accomplished in the past and the capacity you expect to have this coming year.

Building a Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Now that you know what you’re aiming for, we can start plotting a pathway for you to get the results you want. Check out our advice on pulling together your plan and getting something written down that works for you and your team.

Marketing Plan Components

As you think through your plan as a whole, consider piecing it together to include mini-plans for your most important components. This will likely be things like email newsletters, blogging and social media accounts. Dig into the resources below to start planning out each of the components you’d like to include.

Awareness Accelerator Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Learn how to boost website traffic, grow your email list, improve social media reach, and use storytelling to inspire supporters. Download our free Awareness Accelerator Nonprofit Marketing Plan and get a premade template of proven strategies.


Whether you’re promoting awareness, fundraising, an anniversary or another campaign, you’ll want to work this year’s efforts into your overall nonprofit marketing plan. Failing to plan ahead is one of the biggest obstacles we see to campaign success.

Putting Your Plan in Action

Once your nonprofit’s marketing plan is finalized, you can begin working new projects into your day-to-day marketing. A marketing plan isn’t something you can set and forget if you want to see real results. You’ll need to actively move each component forward. Check out our best tips for nonprofit marketing project management.

Measuring Results

Remember those goals you set in the beginning? This is where you find out if you reached them. Use real data to assess what went right or didn’t quite land. You can then use the results to make adjustments to your plan throughout the year, as well as to build next year’s plan.

Tools & Resources From Around the Web