Starting to think about your nonprofit’s annual marketing plan for 2019 yet? If you’re not, this is a friendly reminder to get the ball rolling. Having a plan, complete with goals and detailed projects, is key to a year of successful marketing.

This doesn’t mean that nothing can be removed or added. We know that marketing priorities shift throughout the course of the year, but pulling together a solid plan of attack is the first step to moving your nonprofit’s marketing forward. Check out these resources and ideas to consider as you start the new year and begin to build next year’s annual marketing plan for your nonprofit.

Goals and Overall Strategy

First things first—pin down the goals that will shape your strategy. As you dig into setting goals and creating an overall marketing strategy to accomplish those goals in the coming year, these resources will lend a helping hand.

4 Free Google Analytics Dashboards Just for Nonprofits

Google Analytics dashboards allow nonprofits to pull data from multiple reports into one centralized place to more easily look at big-picture data. We built four dashboards to provide an overview of data on the visitors to your site, where they come from, the content they’re most drawn to and the actions they complete on your website.

8 Questions to Inform Your Nonprofit Marketing Strategy

Review your current marketing to assess what you’re doing and what’s working or not working based on the data. But even if you don’t have that kind of time or access to the data, work through these questions and write down thoughtful and up-to-date answers using what you do have in order to prepare for creating a strategy.

How to Create Your First Nonprofit Marketing Strategy [Template]

To help get you started, we’ve outlined three common nonprofit goals and brainstormed the ways a typical nonprofit might achieve them using three common marketing channels. See how you might plan to increase donations, boost volunteers and spread awareness using a nonprofit website, email marketing and social media.


Do you have any special campaigns that you’ll need to run in the coming year? We pulled together some resources for anniversary, fundraising and cause marketing campaigns.

9 Ways to Promote a Nonprofit Anniversary Campaign Online

Is your organization celebrating an anniversary or milestone? Think beyond the fundraising opportunity. Learn nine ways to promote your nonprofit anniversary campaign online that reinforce your mission, strengthen relationships and build legitimacy.

Donor Re-Engagement in the New Year: Creating Your Campaign

Was 2018 a rough year for connecting with previous donors? The New Year is a great time to reconnect with your lapsed donors. Learn about donor re-engagement campaigns, the benefits and the strategies that you can include in yours.

Cause Marketing for Nonprofits: Partnering with For-Profit Businesses

Thinking about partnering with a for-profit business through a cause marketing campaign? Learn the qualities to look for and questions to ask when considering potential partnerships. Plus, check out examples of cause marketing campaigns on other nonprofit websites.

Website Projects

If you’re hoping to include the upkeep of your website or a new website project or re-design into your annual marketing plan, these resources may come in handy.

Making Your Case for a New Nonprofit Website

Building a nonprofit website is an investment, which often means convincing others it’s a good idea. This guide will walk you through how to make an effective website pitch, including helpful downloads like a slide deck for your presentation.

5 Ways to Fund a New Nonprofit Website That You May Not Have Considered Yet

If you’re working toward a new website in 2019, we’re here to help you think outside of the fundraising box. Check out five fresh ideas to raise money for a subscription-based website service.

How to Keep Up With Nonprofit Website Maintenance [Checklist]

You need a routine to keep up with nonprofit website maintenance. See the schedule we recommend and snag our downloadable checklist.

Email Projects

Whether you’re just starting out or your email list is a getting a little too complicated for comfort, consider tackling the following projects in the coming year.

How to Build an Email List for Your Nonprofit

A good email list helps you to send updates and appeals directly to supporters who care about your mission. Check out 15 ideas to grow your list that you can work into your annual marketing plan.

Nonprofit GDPR Compliance: 9 Items to Consider

If the rollout of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018 has you panicky, don’t worry. Here are nine specific things all nonprofits can do in the next year to move towards GDPR compliance.

How to Organize Your Emails With a MailChimp Master List

Your nonprofit can send more targeted communications when you segment your email subscriber list by audiences and interests. But how? Learn to better organize your email marketing account using a MailChimp master list with groups.

Social Media Projects

How are you improving your social media activities in 2019? Don’t fall into the same-old, same-old camp. Push yourself to use these audiences to move your strategy forward.

How to Add Ambassadors to Your Nonprofit Social Media Strategy

2019 is your year to harness the power of word-of-mouth marketing! Learn how to add an ambassador program to your nonprofit social media strategy.

Facebook Fundraising: Prepping Your Fundraiser Kit

Want to start fundraising on Facebook? See what you can do, how to get started and what to include in a Facebook fundraising kit to prep supporter-run campaigns for success. Be sure to check out the free kit template to access additional Fundraiser tips, content ideas and examples.

Should Your Nonprofit Start a Facebook Group?

Nonprofits can use a Facebook Group to build community. Learn common uses and follow a flowchart to see if your nonprofit should plan for one in your annual marketing plan.

What are you most excited to add to your nonprofit’s annual marketing plan? What resources have you found helpful as you build your marketing strategy for a new year? Please share them in the comments.