With so much nonprofit (and regular!) life transitioning online this year, it seemed like nonprofit training opportunities were popping up left and right. There’s definitely been an uptick in online conferences, webinars, speaking engagements and tutorials—but we think it’s safe to assume that you didn’t always have the time to tune in.

We’ve rounded up some of the more timely and timeless video topics we think you’ll want to circle back to this fall…or whenever the mood strikes. Advance your marketing, fundraising and management skills with these training videos from experts in and serving the nonprofit sector. You’ll find a mix of hands-on tutorials, thought leadership and food for thought as you plan your organization’s next steps.

Marketing & Communications Training Videos

How to Develop a Nonprofit Website Strategy for the Road Ahead

Join marketing experts, Joe DiGiovanni and Kyle Barkins from Tapp Network, as they walk you through the vital components of a website’s strategy to help your organization smoothly and effectively adapt to a post-COVID world. From re-aligning your website’s goals to implementing automation, you’ll be ready to use your website in a whole new way to get the results you need. — TechSoup

Nonprofit Storytelling in the Time of Social Distancing

Mission-driven storytelling has the potential to change hearts and minds around complex, difficult issues. All nonprofit professionals and volunteers need to start thinking of themselves as storytellers if they want to convert their stakeholders from passive participants to passionate advocates. —Julia Campbell

Everyday Accessibility (A11y) for NonProfits

Marketing teams juggle mediums, metrics and stakeholder goals every day. The increasing pressure to be accessible can feel like just another plate to keep spinning. But it doesn’t have to be. In this talk we’ll break down some of the easiest ways to build online accessibility into what you’re already doing. We’ll also touch on different ways to showcase the possible return on your time. — Kanopi Studios

Google Ad Grants 2020

Wondering what you need to know about the Google Ad Grant in 2020? In this week’s video, what your nonprofit needs to know to keep your account compliant and optimize so that you can continue to spend more of your Google Ad Grant. — Nonprofit Marketing Strategies

Use Google Optimize to A/B Test in 11 Minutes

Google Optimize is a free website optimization tool that can help your nonprofit increase website conversion rates on the actions that matter most to you. Today, our Data Engineer Whaler will walk you through setting up A/B tests using Google Optimize. You’ll learn how to set up different targeting options in order to A/B test a donation page. — Whole Whale

Fundraising Strategy Training Videos

Introduction to Fundraising Planning

Does your organization need help directing its fundraising efforts? Planning focuses your organization by setting fundraising priorities and helps give staff and board members a roadmap to success. This introductory class will provide you the basic steps for developing a fundraising plan, including tips on making your case for support, diversifying your organization’s fundraising base, and creating a plan of action. — Candid

How to Plan Your Fundraising When Your Nonprofit is New and the World is in Crisis

Sandy Rees will show you how to plan a year’s worth of diverse funding streams to support your growing nonprofit. — Bloomerang

Create Connection and Raise Money Using Zoom for Virtual Fundraising Events

If you need to quickly create a virtual fundraising opportunity, join this one hour webinar where Quierra Trammel of Tribe Table will guide you in how to apply the principles of creating successful in-person fundraising events to creating virtual events using Zoom. — TechSoup

How Your Nonprofit Can Recruit & Retain Digital Sponsors

Nonprofits of all sizes are invited to join this webinar to learn how to recruit and retain digital sponsors for online events and campaigns. We’ll also discuss how nonprofits can create a live streamed and/or a recorded video series that cultivates donors, inspires advocacy, and raises funds for your organization. — Nonprofit Tech for Good

Fundraising in a Pandemic

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofits nationwide are seeing their financial support decreasing as uncertainty in the marketplace looms and fundraising events are canceled or postponed until 2021. However, there is hope and fundraising strategies to encourage your supporters and community to rally around your mission! — NORD

Nonprofit Management Training Videos

Infusing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Our Work as Nonprofits

The murder of George Floyd and the protests that followed have caused individuals and organizations to take a hard look at the systems we have built that are perpetuating racism in our communities. Join us as our panelists share resources to help your organizations begin these difficult conversations and take action. — Community Giving

Creating a Thriving Digital Culture for Nonprofits: Virtual Culture & Leadership

During this webinar, we will share best practices from Accenture’s Virtual Ways of Working Playbook and discuss implications to nonprofits in the development sector. We will focus on practical guidance to build a vibrant virtual culture across geographically dispersed teams and how to enhance trust and productivity within a remote workforce through effective leadership. — NetHope

Pee Wee’s Big Data Adventure – Building Your Nonprofit’s Data Playhouse

Maureen Wallbeoff, Nonprofit Technology Consultant, and Megan Cox, Director of Business Development and Strategy at Totem, present insights and answers your questions that will help you understand the current nonprofit tech landscape, overcome common data issues, map your digital ecosystem, begin to formulate a plan of action and more. — Totem Insights

Slack for Nonprofits: Tips for Working Better Together, Remotely

Hear directly from folks at Slack about how your nonprofit can use this collaboration hub to empower and connect your remote team. We’ll first walk through some basics to get you oriented within Slack, and then quickly introduce best practices tailored to nonprofits of all sizes. We’ll highlight specific tactics within Slack that you can put into practice right away and bring back to your team. — TechSoup

Nonprofit Budgeting for Beginners

Often nonprofit staff and volunteers without financial training wind up in charge of organization or program budgets. This introductory webinar is for non-financial people who want to learn the basic building blocks of good budgeting. We’ll look at the entire budgeting process from a high level, including the basic building blocks of who, when, why, and how. — CharityVillage

Find More Nonprofit Training Online

Can’t get enough of online training? Check out these listings and directories to find more learning opportunities in the months ahead, and be sure to check with your local, state or regional nonprofit councils for potential offerings.

In the (not quite accurate) words of Ferris Bueller, “Nonprofit life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” The same goes for the dozens of online nonprofit training events that happen every month. Lucky for you, many of them are recorded and available for free long after the show is over. Enjoy!

Are you looking for nonprofit training videos on a specific topic? Have you recently attended an online training that you’d recommend? Let’s exchange tips, ideas and kudos in the comments.


    • Of course, Allison. Thanks for sharing the awesome webinar! We thought it was a great resource for nonprofits to start considering accessibility best practices in their day to day marketing and beyond.