3 Ways to Create Compelling Nonprofit Content

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What makes content “compelling”? I’ll bet, if you had a dollar for every time you read about your nonprofit’s web content needing to be compelling/powerful/inspirational—well, you probably wouldn’t be as focused on driving people to donate. But, how exactly do you make your mission, your work and your impact stick with people?

Educating visitors on your cause and your work plays a big role in earning their trust, and ultimately leading them to take action on your website. Your content needs to stand out, pique interest, connect with and provide value to potential supporters. You don’t have the time or the resources to create new content just for the sake of having new content. Everything you publish needs to strategically lead people down the path to becoming a loyal supporter. Your content needs to be compelling.

But, what is it that makes some content so much more compelling than others? We scoured the web looking for the answer, and came up with a few examples from some awesome nonprofits.

Entertain While Educating

Your nonprofit does amazing work that has impact. On your website, you’re educating visitors on your cause, projects currently underway, the people you’re helping and how you’re making a difference. For all of this information to really stay with people though, it needs to be delivered in an engaging way.

People for Care and Learning (PCL) uses video in a really unique way to explain their Build a City project. Instead of showing clips of the actual work being done or a member of the PCL team speaking about their efforts, the video use graphics, text and a narrator to move the explanation along. It takes a complex problem they’re addressing and makes it understandable for any person. The simplicity of this approach is incredibly effective.

Compelling Content PCL

This infographic from Save the Children is another awesome example of explaining a complicated issue you’re addressing in a clear but engaging way.

Compelling Content Save the Children

What problems is your nonprofit addressing? Find unique ways to explain them to visitors in the simplest of terms. You want people to have a crystal clear understanding of the problems you’re addressing and the work you’re doing after visiting your site.

Show Your Commitment

Passionate people inspire passion in others. Your nonprofit’s work is driven by your commitment to your cause. Share that commitment. Share that passion. This can play out in a million different ways on your website, but your story and your purpose are great starting places.

I love this video on Café Momentum’s About page. Instead of just writing up their story, the founder shared it with visitors directly. Seeing how important this work is to the man who started it all evokes an emotional response from viewers. It establishes a connection between visitors and the nonprofit that might not exist had the founder not chosen to tell the story of Café Momentum in this way.

Video is an awesome way to share your passion for your work with visitors. But, it’s not your only option. Sharing stories from team trips to communities you’ve helped, including team bios that dig a little deeper than someone’s name and position and providing data that speaks to your progress are all fantastic ways to show site visitors your commitment to your cause. Figure out what approach fits your nonprofit best, and use it to share your dedication to your cause with potential supporters.

Highlight Supporters

Your web content doesn’t always have to be visually stunning to connect with visitors. Sometimes, highlighting a supporter doing something awesome for your cause is all it takes.

The charity: water Campaigns We Love blog series is a perfect example of this. They’re highlighting supporter fundraising campaigns on the blog, and it’s fantastic. Some of our current favorites include the guy listening to Nickelback for 168 hours, the 6 year old selling his action figures and the polar plunge duo in Boston.

Compelling Content Charity Water

I love this because it accomplishes so much. Blog readers are entertained, inspired to think up their fundraising idea and presented with the option of donating to these supporters’ campaigns. But, charity: water is also showing readers how much they value supporters and how inspired and encouraged they are by the ways people are supporting their nonprofit. How can you use your content to show supporters they matter?

There are a million different ways to create compelling content. The ideas featured in the post only crack the surface, but they’re great tactics any nonprofit can use. Do you have any ideas to add to our list? Is there an awesome nonprofit out there you’d like to add? We’d love to hear from you.

Image courtesy of Markus Spiske