From the beginning, we’ve been borderline obsessed with maximizing our impact. It’s what pushed us to focus solely on nonprofits in 2012. It’s what led us to move away from building large, custom (and expensive) websites in 2017 to find an approach that made sense for a wider range of organizations.

And today, it’s the driving force behind the introduction of our first tiered price offering.

The Problem with Our Previous Approach

When we transitioned away from custom sites a couple years back, we decided to go with a flat $249/month fee and included everything we offer. We figured it would be simpler to understand. Nonprofits could use whatever features or services they wanted, but the price didn’t change.

While this approach worked great for some, we’ve consistently heard from organizations on both sides of our current offering that they need something slightly different.

Some Need A Simpler Offering.

Some are looking for an approach that’s simpler (and less expensive) than what we’ve been offering. Cheaper DIY website builders are often too basic and not focused on nonprofits, but $249/month for a website isn’t feasible. When you’re focused on raising awareness for a budding cause (and often getting started with fundraising), you may not have much of a marketing budget or need for more advanced tools at this point in your journey.

Others Have More Advanced Marketing Needs.

And on the other end of the spectrum, we’ve heard from nonprofits that need additional services and support from our team. Many also want a partner to manage the site for them after it’s live. With limited capacity and no shortage of great ideas, we know it’s common to have to put your marketing on the back burner while you focus on serving your community.

In the past, we’ve had to tell these organizations that we weren’t the right fit.

But as of today, that’s no longer the case.

Getting Awesome Websites in the Hands of as Many Nonprofits as Possible

Summing up what we do is actually pretty simple:

We build websites for growing nonprofits.

But circling back to impact, we’re more focused than ever on getting these websites in the hands of as many nonprofits as we possibly can.

Lowering the cost to build a nonprofit website.

Under this new pricing model, we’re introducing our Core Plan that starts at $69/month. Even though you don’t have a massive marketing budget, you should be able to build the website your cause deserves.

We’ll manage the site to boost your capacity.

For more established organizations, we’re also introducing our Amplify Plan at $329/month. Not only does this plan come with advanced features and integrations, but we’ll also make changes to your site after it’s live. That way, you can focus more of your time on growing your impact.

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

The one-size-fits-all approach worked well for some, and not for others. Now we can introduce more choice into our projects, allowing you to pick the plan that’s right for your needs and upgrade or downgrade as those needs change.

Nonprofit Website Pricing Chart

We can now grow alongside you.

Under our old approach, if an organization outgrew their website, they’d need to invest the time and money in building a new one. Under this new model, the website can grow alongside you. As you upgrade, you’ll unlock more advanced features and hands-on support to generate results for the larger organization you’ve become.

Where We Go From Here

With this pricing update behind us, we’re turning our attention to solving some of the more consistent challenges nonprofits face when building and maintaining their websites. Our community is incredible about giving us feedback and making recommendations on what would be most helpful. We have a few projects underway aimed at helping nonprofits leverage technology to save them time, improve the quality of their websites and ultimately use their online presence as an engine for growth.

We love that we get to spend our days helping nonprofits make the world a better place. Thank you to everyone that’s trusted us with your cause and partnered with us over the years. It means far more to us than you’ll ever know.