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Nonprofit Website Inspiration

Whether you have an existing site or are looking to make your first one, finding good examples of nonprofit websites is a great way to see what you like and learn what’s possible. If you’re looking for examples of nonprofit websites that place missions at the forefront and offer some design inspiration, we’ve got you covered! See which websites our team has picked out as being leaders in the field.

The Nonprofit Website Matchmaker

When you’re ready to build a new nonprofit website, where do you turn for help? Use this tool to evaluate and rank your options based on the criteria that matter most.

Website Best Practices

Just because a website looks nice doesn’t mean that it’s easy for people to use and find what they’re looking for. Beyond design, nonprofits should pay special attention to the goals of target audiences and how easy it is for them to accomplish key actions on your site. Don’t wait too long to think about nonprofit website best practices! Dealing with topics like website navigation, accessibility and streamlining processes is a critical part of your site’s success from the very beginning.

Case Study: Aging Ahead

Our website is everything we hoped for and we couldn’t be more proud of it. Through the platform and the team at Wired Impact, we now have a place where it’s easy for people to find help.

Jan Keith

Essential Website Components

Wondering what a nonprofit website should include? From the types of pages you should have to the kinds of features you need, there’s a lot to consider depending on what you want to accomplish. We also know that there’s a lot of jargon out there when you start to talk to people about building a website, making it difficult to figure out what you must have versus the extras that can bust your budget or timeline. To help you get a solid foundation, read more about essential website components and considerations for nonprofits.

Making Your Case for a New Nonprofit Website

Building a nonprofit website is an investment, which often means convincing others it’s a good idea. Learn how to make an effective website pitch and presentation.

Making Nonprofit Websites

For some nonprofits, the desire to make a new website isn’t always the highest organizational priority. There are lots of places to spend your time and resources, which is why you might need to start preparing earlier than you think. Having worked with a lot of nonprofits over the years, we know that you might need to convince your boss or the board that a new website is worth the investment. When you’re ready to make the case for your nonprofit’s website, we’ve put together some advice you can use for an effective pitch and initial next steps.

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Need Help With a New Website?

Wired Impact isn’t your typical nonprofit website builder. We believe that ongoing, hands-on help is a critical part of meeting your goals. Learn about how we partner with nonprofits and get in touch!