10 Great Nonprofit Donation Pages

Great Nonprofit Donation Pages

For many nonprofits, fundraising is consistently an important goal of your website. You may want your site to accomplish a variety of organizational goals. But a steady flow of donations can help keep your organizational gears in motion so that you can turn your focus to the really important stuff – helping your community.

For that reason, donation pages continue to be a central part of nonprofit website design. If you’ve succeeded in making strong calls to action that guide website visitors to your donate page, you should reward them with a compelling and easy to use donation experience.

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Many people will never be able to come to a meeting, march in a rally or volunteer at a food drive. But they can access this donation page and, when they do, they’ll be hoping for a rewarding experience.

In this post, I’ve collected a few impressive donation pages to show you. I’ll walk through the first three in more detail and point out a few things that they’re doing right.

Livestrong Foundation

The Livestrong Foundation’s donation page features a photograph of a cancer survivor who is part of the Livestrong community. The friendly photograph provides an immediate visual connection for the potential donor. Suddenly they are able to tie a face and a person to the act of donating.

Though the online donation process is mostly a matter of form fields and credit card numbers, the donation is ultimately about the people (or animals, or environment…) served. Livestrong does a great job highlighting this. Next to the photo is copy thanking their donors and explaining how donations help run their programs.

Livestrong Nonprofit Donate Page

After clicking on “Donate Now” you are lead to a donation form. The Livestrong donation form stands out from the group because of its sidebar. In the sidebar, they share how their money is spent in an easy to understand pie chart. They also display their financial and charitable accreditations. This is a great way to build trust with donors as they make the decision to give.

Livestrong Donation Form

United Nations Population Fund

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has one of my favorite donation pages because it compels you to donate and tells you what exactly the organization does all in one go. By using concise and powerful copy, UNFPA created a donation page with enough information for a visitor to understand the purpose and range of the organization without ever having to travel to other pages on the site.

UNFPA breaks up their donation page by encouraging the visitor to select one aspect of their mission like “supply a community” or “keep mothers alive.” They also have nice bright donate buttons that stand out on the page.

UNFPA Nonprofit Donate Page

Project C.U.R.E

Project C.U.R.E has a simple but strong donation page. They use great photos paired with helpful donation information. Their access point into the donation form is clear and simple. Just type in how much money you would like to give (knowing that “$1 sends $20 worth of medical supplies”) and click “Donate Now.”

They also provide links to “other ways to give” like donating supplies and crowd fundraising at the bottom of the page.

Project CURE Donation Page

Other Great Donation Pages

I could make a never-ending list of nonprofits with great donation pages. But for now, here are a few more for you to enjoy.

Invisible ChildrenInvisible Children Donate Page

Saturday Place

Saturday Place Donation Page Nonprofit

World Wildlife Fund

Nonprofit Donate Page World Wildlife Fund

Organizing for Action

Organizing for Action Nonprofit Donate Page

Donors Choose

Donors Choose Donate

White’s Chapel

Whites Chapel Online Donation


Roatry Donate Page Nonprofit

If you see something you like, apply it on your own site. An important page like your donation page should be constantly evolving and improving. Why not get started right now? Once you’re feeling good about it, you’ll be ready to tackle more pieces of the online donation process, like a Thank You For Donating page and getting your site ready for fundraising events like Giving Tuesday.

Do you know of any other great donation pages not included in this list? Do you have any questions about making your own? Let us know in the comments below.


Image courtesy of Howard Lake