Stripe for Nonprofits – Our Recommended Payment Processor

Stripe for nonprofits

This post was updated on March 13, 2018, to reflect a change in Stripe’s offerings to nonprofits.

When it comes to accepting donations on your nonprofit website, there are a ton of options out there. Some of the biggest names include PayPal, and Stripe. We realize the details surrounding payment processors can be hazy at best, and you probably have better things to do than research pros and cons. To make your decision easier, we’ll come out and tell you that we recommend Stripe for nonprofits that we work with.

We’re not getting any compensation from Stripe to say this.Our recommendation comes from working with various payment processors through our nonprofit clients and experiencing the differences first hand.

Our Criteria

We believe that Stripe is currently the best payment processor for nonprofits, and we based our decision on the following criteria:

Stripe for Nonprofits

As you’re weighing your options, price will likely take a front seat. Stripe for nonprofits charges a fee for every transaction, but there aren’t any additional fees that you need to worry about. Many payment processors charge a fee for every transaction, but some also add fees for things like setup, monthly usage and account cancellation.

Rates and Nonprofit Discount

These are taken out of every online transaction that goes through the payment processor. Check out Stripe’s standard pricing:

  • 2.9% + 30¢ for every successful transaction

Although they’re not currently advertising these rates on their website and they may be subject to change, nonprofits in the US with a 501(c)3 designation with the IRS can expect the following rate from Stripe:

  • 2.2% + 30¢ for non-American Express transactions
  • 3.5% for American Express transactions

To get the nonprofit discount, reach out to Stripe at They’ll need the following information to update the pricing on your account:

  • Your EIN
  • A determination letter stating that you’re a 501(c)3 organization
  • The email address associated with your Stripe account

It’s that easy! Making the switch to Stripe could end up saving your nonprofit a decent-sized chunk of change and give your supporters a great online donation experience.

P.S. You can use Stripe with our nonprofit website platform!

Have any questions on why we like Stripe for nonprofits? Want to talk more about payment processors? Ask away in the comments.

Christine Soucy is one of the content writers at Wired Impact. She spends most of her day reading and writing about nonprofits and how they can improve their online presence.

20 Comments on “Stripe for Nonprofits – Our Recommended Payment Processor

  1. 1 janet Walkenhorst May 14, 2018

    Once a donor has made a payment do we get confirmation right away via email?

    1. 2 Christine Soucy May 16, 2018

      Great question, Janet. If you’ve selected to receive notifications for “Successful Payments”, you should receive an email confirmation once the donation is completed. You can turn on those notifications at I hope that helps!

  2. 3 David May 29, 2018

    Depending on where your located, don’t forget about your State disclosure requirements! 🙂

    1. 4 Christine Soucy May 29, 2018

      Good point, David! This post details using Stripe as a payment processor for donations. But before fundraising, you’ll want to make sure your nonprofit complies with the required charitable solicitation disclosures in the states that you’re planning to fundraise in.

  3. 5 chris pace May 29, 2018

    If I have a non profit in Canada can I get the non profit rate?

    1. 6 Christine Soucy May 29, 2018

      Great question, Chris! To see if the US rate is available to your nonprofit in Canada, I’d recommend reaching out to Stripe at and specifically requesting the nonprofit discount. I hope that helps!

  4. 7 Sushil Koirala July 4, 2018

    Hi Christine,
    A not profit from Nepal can register and use stripe?

    1. 8 Christine Soucy July 5, 2018

      Hi, Sushil. Unfortunately, Stripe isn’t yet available in Nepal. You can see the full list of countries they provide services to at

  5. 9 neta August 19, 2018

    How can I make sure that the invoice is 501C3 invoice?
    I didnt see it on the receipt

    1. 10 Christine Soucy August 21, 2018

      Hi, Neta. If you have a question about a specific invoice or receipt, I’d recommend reaching out to Stripe’s support team. Good luck!

  6. 11 santhosh September 10, 2018

    Thanks for your information. we are non-profit and currently using paypal. we are trying to change the contact name for our business in paypal and i could not do it….it is so frustrating. i am also unable to change the bank account associated with the paypal. i also read that paypal community forums say that it is totally impossible to change the contact names. do you know if stripe does that smoothly ?

    1. 12 Christine Soucy September 12, 2018

      Hi, Santhosh. We’ve heard similar frustrations with using PayPal before. Stripe does allow you to change the “owner” of the account as well as update your contact information and bank account. This support article outlines a few different options you’d have: Good luck with the switch!

  7. 13 Donna Sander September 11, 2018

    STRIPE is NOT user friendly. Political donations need to extra fields on their form, occupation and employer. There are no free plugins that interface with STRIPE that I have found that work for this purpose yet. Oh yeah, there are some great PAID ones, but they want an arm and a leg, not once, but every year. Some of them more than I pay for the hosting account. So if you have a good wordpress interface with stripe FOR POLITICAL DONATIONS, that works, AND IS FREE (or under $30) …PLEASE…..tell me about it. becuase I”m tired of installing and uninstalling plugin after plugin.

    1. 14 Christine Soucy September 12, 2018

      I’m sorry you’ve been having issues, Donna. We don’t have any sort of partnership with Stripe so you’ll have to work with their support team to talk about fees, their requirements for political donations and any recommended plugins. When we link Stripe to client donation forms, we often use the Stripe Add-On through Gravity Forms, a tool for creating professional and user-friendly forms on WordPress sites that we like. Gravity Forms is not free, but it does provide lots of flexibility in terms of integrations. Most of the great payment processing tools and services out there do come with fees, but we’d love to hear about it if you find another way.

  8. 15 pat hall September 14, 2018

    Can i have money paid into my paypal account with Stripe

    1. 16 Christine Soucy September 17, 2018

      Great question, Pat. Payouts from Stripe will need to go into a bank account that you connect to your Stripe account through the setup process:

  9. 17 Lulu Brenner October 29, 2018

    Hi Christine,

    We are a charity and we want t know if we can set donation receipts automatically with Stripe
    Is there an integration for salesforce ?

    1. 18 Christine Soucy October 30, 2018

      Great question, Lulu! I’d recommend reaching out to the team at Stripe to find the best solution for your specific situation. On the Stripe website, they recommend using Blackthorn Payments to integrate the two. We’ve also seen nonprofits have a lot of success with integration tools, like Zapier, to connect their tools. I hope that helps. Good luck!

  10. 19 Peter Lang November 5, 2018

    Hi Christine,

    First off – great article and appreciate you updating it in March. I was using Stripe, but I am doing some research into other options. I know you listed 3 major players, but what is your take on iATS, Bluepay, Dharma and Heartland (I am not even sure all of those are the same thing tbh). Basically, all I am looking for at this stage is a price comparison as my donors keep complaining about the extra costs of processing fees. If there was a clear comparison of more than these 3 major players you mentioned somewhere, I would love to see that.

    1. 20 Christine Soucy November 7, 2018

      Hi, Peter. Stripe, and PayPal are the three most common payment processors that we see nonprofits using. And, for the purposes of this post, we only compared those three main players in detail. However, we have not come across a more competitive price for nonprofits than Stripe’s discount. It’s been our experience with many of our nonprofit clients that the transactional price is worth it for the user-friendly experience, integration options, helpful customer support and lack of additional monthly fees. But it’s most certainly not a perfect fit for everyone. Good luck with your search!

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