Every Area Agency on Aging (AAA) is unique. While your services and communities may vary, you all have one thing in common:

You’re doing the essential work of providing services that aging adults rely on to support their evolving needs.

At Wired Impact, we’ve enjoyed working with Area Agencies on Aging to create the websites they deserve to showcase their work and connect with their community. We’ve taken what we’ve seen work well and used it to create this resource all about how AAAs can build a stronger website to move their missions forward.

Jan Keith

Websites aren’t what we do, it’s not our field. So having nonprofit industry experts around to guide us helped drive us toward our goal. We could bring our strengths to the table and work together with Wired Impact with a lot of compassion and team spirit.

Jan Keith, Aging Ahead (a Missouri AAA)

Challenge #1:
AAAs do a lot, which makes the website difficult to navigate.

Just because a website looks nice doesn’t mean that it’s easy for people to use and find what they’re looking for. Beyond design, AAAs should pay special attention to the goals of target audiences and how easy it is for them to accomplish key actions on your site.

Challenge #2:
We waste a lot of time manually doing things that could be automated.

And as a result, our team never seems to have enough time in the day.

For AAAs, these types of manual tasks often include:

  • Providing explanations of the services you offer
  • Connecting older adults and caregivers with services in the community
  • Answering questions and offering advice
  • Coordinating your volunteers and others that want to get involved

But with the right technology powering your organization, many of your repetitive tasks can be streamlined and automated, giving you more time to focus on moving your mission forward.

Consider doing the following to provide a stronger experience for your visitors and free your staff up to tackle other challenges:

Use language that’s totally free of industry jargon to describe your services

Create a Find Help page that outlines everything you do and how to reach out

Form Builder Icon

Create intake forms for things like service requests and volunteer interest

Client Success:

Council on Aging of Central Oregon

The Council on Aging of Central Oregon used the flexibility and power of our nonprofit website platform to build a site that engages their audience and showcases their services.

Challenge #3:
We serve amazing people, but their stories aren’t on our website.

Now’s the time to change all that. Showcasing stories from your community has three key benefits:

  1. It illustrates the difference you’re making in the world.
  2. It puts your community front and center.
  3. And it allows visitors to see themselves in your work, making it more likely they’ll reach out to learn more.

Challenge #4:
We aren’t techies, and we don’t know where to start.

This is where choosing the right partner is key.

Your job is to know how best to serve your community, not write programming code. The right website partner will help you stay focused on your mission while taking care of the technical side of things.

Denise LaBuda

The team at Wired Impact has helped us every step of the way, from how to organize our content, to supporting us as we built out all the pages… The staff is patient, friendly and very responsive. Love working with them all!

Denise LaBuda, Council on Aging of Central Oregon

Challenge #5:
Our work is impossible to sum up succinctly.

This can be particularly tough for AAAs since you do so many different things.

But you don’t need to tell a visitor everything the moment they land on your website. You just need to pique their interest and get them connected with the best resources to solve whatever problem they may be facing.

Aging Ahead Homepage

Client Success:

Aging Ahead

The team at Aging Ahead in St. Louis launched a new website on our platform to showcase their new branding and encourage people to reach out about services.

Challenge #6:
We’d love to build a new website, but we can’t afford it right now.

We’ve developed our website plans specifically for nonprofits, including the flexibility you need to grow over time.

You can build a website for your AAA starting at $69/month. No big upfront fees. No long-term contracts.

The Wired Impact staff are experienced professionals in design, marketing, and programming who provide exceptional customer service – a rarity these days! It is an exceptional value for a website platform specifically built for nonprofits.

Heather Mansfield, Nonprofit Tech for Good

Challenge #7:
I want to find out more, but I don’t have time to deal with pushy sales people.

Don’t worry. We can’t stand pushy sales people either. And we have no interest in being the folks you dread every time they reach out.

If you’re interested, we’d be happy to set up a time to hear more about the work you do and share what we’ve seen work well for similar AAAs in the past.

If we’re a fit, we’ll discuss next steps. And if we aren’t, we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.

Want to See What’s Worked for Other AAAs?

If you’d like to see how other AAAs like yours are getting more out of their websites, request a demo. We’re happy to show you what they’re doing to drive engagement and answer any questions you have.