We all need more money. And online fundraising is here to stay, whether you love it or hate it. The hack is building a two-sided relationship that’s focused on mutual gains. Donors provide the funds and nonprofits use them in a way that donors can feel proud for supporting. But how do you build relationships like that to scale? How do you build trust online and start the conversation? What can you do to attract more donors that stick around?

This guide pulls together our best fundraising advice to answer all of your burning questions. We cover everything from the best practices to set your nonprofit up for digital fundraising success, to the methods and tools that can help increase fundraising efforts, to the marketing campaigns, strategy and content that has the best chance of convincing donors to give or give again.

No matter where you are in your online fundraising journey — just starting out, fixing a broken system or looking to up-level your asks — we have a resource for you. Happy fundraising!

Best Practices for Fundraising Online

Just because your nonprofit can accept donations online, doesn’t mean potential donors are going to be comfortable with your donations process. Learn the best practices for gaining donors’ trust and making them feel secure in their decision to give.

Focus on Your Donate Page

There’s a lot of pressure out there to create the perfect Donate page, but it all boils down to a few key elements. Keep the content brief and compelling, keep the process secure and don’t ask for what you don’t need. Dig into our top advice on this ever-elusive page.

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Up-Level Your Online Donation System

Your Donate page is only as good as your online donation process. It should be secure, branded and built into your site. Grow your impact with an online donation system created with ease and best practices in mind.

Increasing Online Fundraising

You’re set up for online donations and are comfortable with your process, but how do you step up your game? You may need to hop on a new trend, a shift in strategy, a streamlined donation process, or maybe you need to spend more energy on retention. Work through our round-up of resources to boost online fundraising wins.

The Donor Flow Optimizer for Nonprofit Websites

Grade your nonprofit’s online donation process and identify opportunities to turn more website visitors into donors.

Improve the Donor Experience

When your online donor experience is smooth and trustworthy, supporters give more. But while the idea is simple, the logistics can get tangled in difficulties with fees, information storage and third-party services. Get our best tips on improving the experience for your donors.

Tools for Online Fundraising

There aren’t endless hours in the day, and, contrary to what your board thinks, you don’t need to be spending all of your time and energy on direct fundraising. Check out these tools to add a little automation and a few more avenues for online donations to your toolbox.

How The Swifty Foundation Found Online Fundraising Success

At The Swifty Foundation, they needed to find a way to celebrate the legacy of Michael, a 15-year-old visionary who battled brain cancer, while charting the path forward for childhood cancer research. Thanks to the ease of creating and updating content, a new website has given the foundation control over their message in ways that inspire, build confidence and raise funds.

Fundraising and Marketing

Sometimes the fundraiser or development staff and the marketer are the same person, and sometimes they’re not. However the dynamics at your organization work, there are opportunities to partner up. Annual appeals, year-end fundraising, donor re-engagement… a marketing mind can be a powerful force to boost fundraising gains.

Content That Drives Donations

You have the process and the tools nailed down, but what do you say to potential and past donors? Whether you’re reaching out via email, social media or on your website, check out inspirational content that drives donations.

Tracking Data and Measuring Results

We’d be remiss to exclude the tools to track and measure your organization’s fundraising success. Get tips on evaluating your fundraising data, learning from mistakes and celebrating wins.

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