Adding a Photo to a Page

Photos have the power to bring your mission to life in the minds of your visitors. In this article, we outline the steps to add and format photos on your website pages.

Add a Photo to an Existing Page

1. In the backend of your website, select the page that you would like to add a photo to from the left-hand sidebar.

Add Photo

2. Click within the content editor of that page to specify where you want your photo to appear. In the screenshot below, the selected photo will appear under the “Survey Results” setting, which is where the cursor is placed.

Place a Photo

3. Once you have selected where you want the photo to appear on the page, click the button that says “Add Media”.

Add Media

4. Select a photo from your Media Library or choose “Upload Files” to upload a new photo to use.

Add Media

To add multiple photos from the Media Library, select the first photo that you want to add, then hit the shift key on your keyboard and select any additional photos. If you are uploading files, drag or select multiple photos to include.

Format Your Photo

On the far right side of the Add Media page, format and label the photo you selected:

  • Choose the alignment of your photo: Left, Right, Center, or None.
  • Choose the size of your photo. We recommend using one of the built-in size options: large, medium, or thumbnail. Really large photos tend to slow down the load time of a page.
  • Leave the “Link To” option as None. We do not recommend linking photos to anything.
  • To optimize a photo for search engines, include an exact keyword in both the file name and the alt text, located in the Attachment Details of the image. Learn more about how to optimize your images using SEO.

Format Photo

If you are adding multiple photos, you must format the photos one at a time:

  1. Click on the photo you want to format and adjust the settings on the far right side.
  2. Click the “Insert into page” button in the bottom right corner of the Add Media page.
  3. Click Preview Changes to see what your new photo looks like. To make any additional adjustments, click on the photo (or photos) in the content editor, then click on the “edit button”.

Adjust Photo

To edit a photo that has already been added to a page, go back into the content editor and click the edit button (shown above) on the photo that you want to adjust.

Add a Featured Image to a Page

A featured image is also called a header image. It’s the photo that shows at the top of your page or post. Learn more about adding a header image.


Still Have Questions?

If you’re still having trouble with header images, just log into your website and fill out the Website Support form. You’ll hear back from someone on Wired Impact’s team within one business day.