Resetting Your Password

We understand that keeping track of all your passwords is no easy task and that you’ll want to restore your access as soon as possible. In this article, we’ll show you how to update your password for security purposes or personal preference while also outlining the steps of how to reset your password if you forgot it altogether.

How to Update Your Existing Password

You may not have forgotten your password, but it’s a good idea to periodically change it for security purposes. Follow the steps in this video to create a new website password.

How to Create a New Password When You Forget

So you forgot your password and can’t seem to remember it. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Follow these simple steps to learn how to create a new password in just a couple of minutes.

Go to Your Website’s Login Page

In your browser, type in your website’s URL. At the end of your URL, type /wp-admin.

Click “Lost Your Password” Option

  1. Once you are on your website’s login page, click on the “Lost your Password” option at the bottom of the page.
  2. Enter the username or email address that you used to create your profile.
  3. Click the “Get New Password” button.

Click the Email Confirmation Link

  1. Check the inbox of the email address that you provided. If you provided a username, then check the email account that is associated with that username.
  2. You should receive an email from WordPress with a confirmation link to reset your password.
  3. Click on the link to set a new password.

Reset Your Password

  1. Enter a new password or use the suggested password.
  2. Make sure that you have a good password strength, as indicated in the screenshot below.
  3. Click the “Reset Password” button.

Log in with your New Password

Once you click the Reset Password button in the previous step, you will be sent to the WordPress login page again. Login to your site with your new password.


Still Have Questions?

Reach out to us within your website’s admin dashboard. Log into your website and then fill out the Website Support form. You’ll hear back from one of Wired Impact’s team members within one business day.