Writing posts for a blog can be daunting.  Anyone that’s tried has been there, staring at a white page with your cursor rhythmically reminding you of your failure to produce any content.

You may very well be a strong writer.  You likely had numerous ideas yesterday as you walked your dog or cooked dinner.  But as often happens, when it comes time to actually write, you’ve got nothing.

Hopefully this post will help.  Here’s a bunch of potential topics to spur your own creative process.

Donors and Fundraising

  • Show how donation dollars are being spent in your community
  • Show the process from donation to delivery in the field
  • Share what your nonprofit can purchase with different donation amounts and the impact each has for folks in your community
  • Interview one of your donors
  • Describe how you decide where to spend donation dollars
  • Showcase the overall impact your donors have had in the past year
  • Discuss your future fundraising goals
  • Ask a donor to share why they decided to give to your nonprofit

Volunteers and Working in the Community

  • Highlight an individual past event and focus on the difference your volunteers made
  • Share the story of one member of your community who’s been helped by volunteers
  • Discuss your vision for the future when it comes to volunteerism
  • Interview one of your volunteers
  • Ask a volunteer to write about why they support your nonprofit
  • Ask a volunteer to write about their favorite volunteer event

Knowledge and Resources

  • Provide ways people can make a difference in their everyday lives
  • Share resources for those interested in learning more about the problem your nonprofit is addressing
  • Share relevant news stories
  • Share a relevant research study or report and summarize the key findings
  • Share relevant blogs you routinely read and explain why you like them
  • Respond to blog posts written by others
  • Highlight the work of partner organizations
  • Share relevant accounts you follow on social media and explain why you like each
  • Discuss a topical book and highlight your key takeaways

The Problem You’re Addressing

  • Tell the story of someone facing difficulties in your community (but be sure to end with hope)
  • Share photos or videos from members of your community
  • Talk about what would happen in your community if your nonprofit disappeared tomorrow (but again, wrap it up with hope)

Your Nonprofit’s Impact

  • Tell the story of how your organization has positively impacted an individual person’s life
  • Showcase the completion of a project and discuss the journey to get there
  • Share important organizational news and the impact it’ll have on your nonprofit and community
  • Illustrate the fulfillment of your mission through a story from your community
  • Thank individual and aggregated supporters and show them the difference they’re making in the world

That’s it.  I hope some of the topics above will help you conquer that blank page.  And if you counted the number of topics to see if I was lying in the title, shame on you.

Have any topics to add?  Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter.

Image courtesy of Tsahi Levent-Levi, Flickr