In Defense of the Facebook Like

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It’s become popular to write articles ragging on the merits of counting Likes on Facebook.  To be perfectly honest, this post started off just that way.  And while there’s certainly a need to look beyond the Like when evaluating your success in your use of Facebook, they really aren’t as bad as we all make them out to be.

While you should be setting a variety of goals outside of purely raising a following, let’s not forget some of the ways that a user Liking your page can help your organization.

The Perception of Popularity

When someone lands on your Facebook page, they’re going to judge you immediately.  And because this judgment happens so quickly there’s not nearly enough time for them to get a complete picture of who you truly are.  While Likes aren’t the only influencer, they’ll play a key role in your visitor’s mind when determining the popularity of your organization.

A popular page simply makes a stronger first impression.

The Influential Power of Friends

Facebook also displays the number of friends that Like a particular page.  If a user visits your Facebook page, there’s a better chance they’ll Like your page if a bunch of their friends have already done so.  People place far more value on the opinions of others they know and trust than they do on total strangers.Friends That Like a Facebook Page

Help Reach Your Audience

While there are many factors that influence the frequency with which Facebook serves your content to other user’s feeds, more followers means your potential audience is larger.  By strategically leveraging Facebook Insights you can turn this audience into a more engaged following.

Increased Sample Size for Analytics

Any statistical analysis is more meaningful with a larger number of respondents.  Pulling trends from analytics is great, but trends drawn from the behavior of 40 people often mean far less than trends drawn from 400.  A larger sample size can lead to more robust findings and ultimately help you make more informed decisions moving forward.

Do You Value Likes?

What do you think?  As a Facebook user how much weight do you place on the number of Likes a page has?  We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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