After many conversations with the nonprofits in our community and extensive data analysis, we’re updating our pricing plans to better support those we work with.

Why Are We Making These Changes?

Since we last updated our pricing plans in 2019, we’ve witnessed major shifts in the nonprofit sector. Although our existing plans provided a reliable foundation for nonprofits, those shifts, coupled with the factors below, prompted us to update them to better meet the needs of our community.

Unnecessary Plan Complexity

Feedback has shown us that the differences between our plans can be unnecessarily complex, making it challenging to choose the right one. We’ve seen this come up in a number of ways, but most commonly in a few specific scenarios.

Support Needs While Building the Website Create Tension

In some cases nonprofits needed the additional support of a higher plan while building their website, but not the advanced features. This burdened nonprofits with weighing the plan they need today against the one they may need in a few months.

Third-Party Integrations Caused Confusion

Each plan’s third-party integrations varied significantly, causing understandable confusion about which tools and implementations were compatible with which plans.

Websites are already complicated enough. We believe choosing the right plan should be straightforward, not another hurdle.

Tons of Value Added in the Last Four Years

While our pricing hasn’t changed in the last four years, our websites certainly have. We’ve launched:

  • Multiple website design options
  • An AI-powered tool to write first drafts of pages
  • Blocks and patterns to easily make content look great
  • A filterable library system
  • Updated donation tools
  • Hundreds of other improvements

What’s Changing with Our Plans?

We’re making a number of changes to address the factors mentioned above.

Every Nonprofit Gets Access to 30-Minute Task Requests

We’re most excited about offering this perk to everyone, especially since it was previously available only on our most expensive plan. After launching your website, our team will tackle any task that can be completed in 30 minutes. This includes tasks like changing page content, embedding third-party tools, adjusting your site’s navigation and updating existing forms. No more stressing about how to make edits to your site. Just let us know what needs to happen, and we’ll take care of it.

Website Integrations Icon

Transparent Third-Party Tool Availability

Our top two plans, Grow and Amplify, can now integrate with all 1,000+ third-party tools available on our platform. No need to worry about which tools will work on which plans.

Consistent Pre-Launch Support Across All Plans

Prior to launching, every nonprofit will now have access to a dedicated project manager, website structure creation and five pages of content formatting. This ensures each organization maximizes their website’s potential and impact from day one.

Amplify Plan Focused on Those Scaling Services and Operations

One of our goals was to make it easier for nonprofits to pick the plan that was right for them. Moving forward, we’re focusing our highest plan, Amplify, on those organizations looking to scale their services and operations. This means features that align most with their needs, like the filterable library and the volunteer system, will only be available on that plan.

What’s Changing with Our Prices?

To account for all the work our team does to help nonprofits build and launch their websites, we’re introducing a one-time project fee for new clients. The price varies based on the plan, but ranges from $400 – $2,700.

Because of all the improvements mentioned above, we’re also increasing the monthly price of our Core and Grow plans.

  • Our Core plan is increasing from $69/month to $99/month.
  • Our Grow plan is going from $179/month to $219/month.
  • Our Amplify plan will remain at $329/month.

If you’d like more specifics on our prices, or what’s included in each plan, check out our updated Pricing page.

Our Mission Hasn’t Changed

Since the beginning, our mission has been to get great websites in the hands of every nonprofit that wants one. That’s what gets us up in the morning. That’s what we care about. And that’s what drives us to improve what we offer each and every day.

Thank you to all the nonprofits that trust us with your websites. It means so much to play a small part in the incredible work you’re doing.