For Wired Impact, the holidays present an opportunity to look back on the year, consider how we’ve grown and give thanks for our team, clients and a truly awesome community.

A Year of Growth

We’re honored to have continued to expand our nonprofit client base this year, serving as their marketing allies. Our community is growing with new missions, from KIF1A.ORG to the Menaul School and St. Vincent de Paul Georgia. And we’ve added new offerings with three new pricing plans that allow us to work with a wider range of organizations. Not to mention our newest design option, the sleek and powerful Scholar theme.

We’re grateful for the nonprofit marketers who’ve put their trust in us, and we’ll do our best to help you grow along with us. (Just check out what Project Home Again has accomplished with their new site.) We foresee another year of upward momentum!

Our team has also grown since this time last year. We welcomed Sharon, a new project manager and three sweet baby boys to our Wired Impact family. We all got together (unfortunately the babies couldn’t make it) in August for our annual team meet-up and had a blast brainstorming new ideas for our website service and soaking in the quality time. And lucky for us, a local senior center that we work with needed help with their weekly bingo game.

Team Favorites: Holiday Edition

Heading into the holidays, we used our bi-monthly game of Know Ya Coworker to guess each other’s favorite holiday traditions or activities. (And didn’t do half bad!)

  • My favorite thing to do is cuddle up with plenty of soft, fluffy blankets and enjoy something like a show or book or game while something delicious is baking and also it’s snowing outside.
    Nickie, project manager
  • Hot chocolate and warm fires. Oh, and the hot chocolate must include honey and a monster mallow.
    Jonathan, co-founder/programmer
  • Baking before the holidays is easily my favorite winter activity. Bring on the sprinkles.
    Alex, web designer
  • I look forward to my family’s visit to the tree farm all year long.
    Christine, content strategist

  • Definitely sledding. I still feel like a kid every single time. (Although coming inside and thawing out with some hot cocoa is a close second.)
    David, co-founder/content strategist
  • Decorating for the holidays and watching classic Christmas Movies. (White Christmas is the best!)
    Allyson, project manager
  • Heading up to the local ski hill.
    Katy, content strategist
  • Sledding!
    Sharon, project manager
  • Listening to Christmas records with the family in front of the fireplace.
    Dan, programmer

As we move into 2020, we wish all of our clients, community, friends and family very happy holidays and winter seasons. May you build off of old traditions and make new memories.

What’s your favorite part of the holidays? Don’t make us guess! Let us know in the comments.