Illustration of a Get Involved page

There’s something to be said for giving people options and for keeping them all in one place. It makes life so much easier! The Get Involved page lets visitors explore their options for support, learn a bit more about your nonprofit and get comfortable with the decision to take some sort of action. From here, they should be able to click on links to related pages, like Donate and Volunteer, to get the details and next steps.

Describe the commitment level.

Include details about time and other commitments needed so that visitors do a good job selecting appropriate actions. Are your opportunities ongoing, occasional or one-time (like helping set up an event)? Also indicate if training, special skills or financial commitments are required.

Explain the impact.

Don’t forget to briefly mention the role of each opportunity in furthering your mission. How does each opportunity help the organization do more or do things better?

Prioritize based on your needs.

No opportunity to support your nonprofit is too small to share, but make sure to prioritize. Each opportunity you add takes more attention away from everything else. If you like the idea of having volunteers and don’t offer much right now, put other options front and center, such as attending an event or signing up for your newsletter.

People want to know how their support, whether it be through a financial donation or volunteer work, is helping your nonprofit. Let them know! That could mean linking to another place on your site, like a Financials or Impact page, or featuring endorsements and stories on your blog.

Highlight real people in action.

If you have powerful photographs, you may not need a ton of copy on your Get Involved page. Use photos of your volunteers making a difference to motivate newcomers to join in.

Dig in to some inspiring examples of Get Involved pages to get your creative juices flowing!