Illustration of a Partners page

Typically found in the About Us section of a nonprofit website, a Partners page is a way to acknowledge your collaborators, sponsors and important funders. A Partners page also presents an opportunity to build credibility for your organization by featuring third party endorsements and linking to other reputable websites.

Include names and logos.

Let’s be honest, some logos are more readable and recognizable than others and not all of them are going to be from well-known companies and organizations. Including your partner’s full name in addition to their logo is a nice touch if the layout or size of the logos makes them hard to read.

Link the logo and/or name to an appropriate place on their website. Not only is this a good practice for relationship building, but it can also factor into your link building efforts for search engine optimization if the partner or funder reciprocates in a meaningful way.

Describe the relationship.

Depending on the number of partners on your page, include a short synopsis of the relationship and how they support you or are involved in helping you work toward your mission. Some groups take one more step and give each collaborator their own profile page. Another option is to group the partners by categories, like Event Sponsors, and briefly outline what their support means more generally.

Quote their leadership.

Putting together a partner profile is an excellent reason to touch base with a partner. Ask for a short quote you can use on your website as a way to showcase the relationship and their impact. As we talk about in our content rules, sometimes it’s best to let others do the talking!

If a partnership is closely tied to a specific program, take the opportunity to link to it here and drive traffic to other parts of your site. If someone landed on this page through a search for your partner (and not you), now you have a chance to convert someone new into a supporter!

Get visually organized.

While having all of the above content would make for an engaging page, sometimes all you have time for is a list of logos that are linked to partner websites. If that’s the case, invest your energy in creating a nice grid or table that displays high quality logos in uniform sizes and spacing with links to partner websites.

Promote a partners program.

If you have a program for Corporate Partners and other categories of collaborators (like schools or service groups), this is a great place to tell the world about how it works AND celebrate the companies and organizations that have already stepped up to help. Describe the impact and benefits and be sure to include contact information for those curious about participating.

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