Your organization’s Get Involved page is key for just that reason — it’s ability to bring website visitors into your community and get them involved in work that moves your mission forward. And when that page isn’t doing its job, visitors to your website are leaving without taking that meaningful next step.

Picture this: Someone lands on your nonprofit’s website, gets super pumped for what you’re doing and wants to know what they can do to help. They’re not totally ready to click that Donate button, but they’re looking for a way to get to know you better and help out the cause.

Nonprofit Get Involved pages let these visitors explore options for support, learn a bit more about the organization and get comfortable with the decision to take some sort of action.

Key Elements of a Get Involved Page

The best Get Involved pages are specific and inspirational. They include information, details and powerful testimonials to help visitors to your site learn what it means to get involved with your organization.

  • The level of commitment and work itself
  • The impact that each opportunity has on your mission and work
  • The real people in your community who are actively involved with your organization
  • Those that your work helps

From the page, visitors should be able to click on links to related pages, like Donate and Volunteer, to see the process and next steps for getting involved. Find more tips for building out a great Get Involved page for your organization.

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5 Great Get Involved Pages

These nonprofits get it. They do a fantastic job promoting all of the ways a potential supporter can get involved with their cause. See how they highlight various ways to help and draw some inspiration for your own site.

World Concern

World Concern does a great job calling out all four of their opportunities with a quick and impact-focused summary of how the action helps their mission before linking to the action page to take the next step. They also include a nice range of opportunities for a variety of different audiences — from individuals to churches and businesses.

Screenshot of the Get Involved page on the World Concern website

Tip: If other organizations or businesses are frequently reaching out to ask how they can help, highlight this information on your website. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to support your nonprofit.

St. Vincent de Paul Georgia

St. Vincent de Paul Georgia takes a unique approach to their Get Involved section, including buckets of opportunities to learn, engage and act rather than adding a long list of opportunities right off the bat. By pinpointing a way to combine education and action, they’re able to inform visitors about the problem and how they’re working toward a solution, while also providing immediate ways for people to offer their support.

Screenshot of the Get Involved page on the St. Vincent de Paul Georgia website

Tip: Don’t stop at promoting opportunities for support on your Get Involved page. This page is a place to  educate potential supporters, driving them to see how much their support is needed.

Student Sponsor Partners

Student Sponsor Partners has lots of ways to give and get involved to share on the page, but powerful images, an interactive design and brief, but impactful descriptions of opportunities tie it all together to create a strong Get Involved page.

Screenshot of the Get Involved page on the Student Sponsor Partners website

Tip: Your Get Involved page doesn’t need to be incredibly complicated. An inspirational blurb paired with a strong photo and thoughtful page organization will serve your audience perfectly.

Ducks Unlimited

Aside from noting all of their various ways to get involved, Ducks Unlimited brings in two more key elements to their Get Involved page. 

  • They share information on the challenge that their organization faces and what they’re doing about it. A brief summary and link to a detailed report on their conservation efforts shows the impact getting involved can have.
  • They tell you where your support is going. After outlining ways to show support, they lay out how they spend donated funds to demonstrate transparency and instill a sense of trust.
Screenshot of the Get Involved page on the Ducks Unlimited website

Tip: People want to know how their support, whether it be through a financial donation or volunteer work, is helping your nonprofit. Tell them. Include it on the main Get Involved page or link people to a different page.

Inner-City Arts

You don’t necessarily have to call your Get Involved section, “Get Involved”. This How You Can Help section on the Inner-City Arts website is just as effective. They go out of their way to present visitors with every opportunity to get involved. And you’ll not only find a ton of information on different ways to support them, you’ll see a powerful student testimonial on the difference that the organization has made in their life.

Screenshot of the Get Involved page on the Inner City Arts website

Tip: No opportunity to support your nonprofit is too small to share. But, make sure to prioritize. Each opportunity you add takes more attention away from everything else.

Don’t overlook the power of a well-designed and well-thought-out Get Involved page. Not everyone is going to be ready to click “Donate” after visiting your website for the first time. Get Involved pages go a long way in easing casual visitors into a place where they’re comfortable enough to take action.

Does your nonprofit have a Get Involved page? What approach did you take? We’d love to hear from you in the comments (and feel free to drop us a link).

Originally published on 11/11/2015. Updated with new resources, examples and tips on 10/27/21.


  1. These are really awesome examples of calls to action on nonprofit websites! So many organizations do the right thing and get online, but miss out on a lot of the potential that holds by not optimizing ALL of their webpages for their intended purpose. Thank you for sharing these!