5 Inspiring Nonprofit Get Involved Pages

Get Involved pages

Maybe it’s because I like everything to be super organized, but I love when nonprofit websites have a Get Involved section. There’s something to be said for giving people options, and for keeping them all in one place. It makes life so much easier.

Sometimes, I go to a nonprofit’s website, get super pumped on what they’re doing and want to know what I can do to help out. But, I’m not totally ready to click that Donate button. The Get Involved page lets me explore my options for support, learn a bit more about the nonprofit and get comfortable with my decision to take some sort of action.

It’s an important page. Internally, you may not see the value right off the bat, but that’s because it benefits the people on the other side of your website – potential supporters.

I’ve found five awesome Get Involved pages you need to check out. These nonprofits get it. They do a fantastic job promoting all of the ways a potential supporter can get involved with their cause. Take a look. I bet you’ll walk away with a few ideas for your own website.

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World Concern

I love this World Concern page. They specifically call out different groups and provide them with information that is tailored to their situation. This makes it incredibly easy for individuals and organizations to figure out how they can contribute.

World Concern Get Involved page

Tip: If organizations are frequently reaching out to ask how they can help, highlight this information on your website. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to support your nonprofit.

Water is Life

Water is Life takes a unique, extremely effective, approach to their Get Involved section. Naming the section “You + WiL” immediately puts the visitor in the “How can I help?” mindset. It’s cool, but it’s not what’s unique.

What I love is how they’ve combined education and action. They’re educating visitors on the problem and how they’re working toward a solution while providing information on different ways interested people can offer their support.

Water is Life Get Involved page

Tip: Don’t stop at promoting opportunities for support on your Get Involved page. This page is an opportunity to continue educating potential supporters, driving them to see how much their support is needed.

Girl Up

You don’t have to call your Get Involved section, “Get Involved”. This Take Action section on the Girl Up website is just as effective.

The page rocks. Not only can you get a ton of information on different ways to support them, you can search for the Girl Up club closest to you. They go out of their way to present visitors with every opportunity to get involved.

Girl Up Get Involved page

Tip: No opportunity to support your nonprofit is too small to share. But, make sure to prioritize. Each opportunity you add takes more attention away from everything else.

New York Public Library

You don’t really think of city libraries as nonprofits in need of support, but they are and they do. This page from the New York Public Library is pretty basic. It provides the necessary information without any additional bells or whistles. You’re probably wondering why I bothered to include it on this list.

Well, they do something on this page that is so important, but so often overlooked or forgotten. They tell you where your support is going. See that call to action at the bottom of the page? They want people to know where their money is going. They’re encouraging them to find out.

NY Public Library Get Involved page

Tip: People want to know how their support, whether it be through a financial donation or volunteer work, is helping your nonprofit. Tell them. Include it on the main Get Involved page or drive people to a different page.

Restore International

Restore International takes a more personable approach to their Get Involved page, inviting potential supporters to become a part of their family. Using compelling imagery, they promote the four different ways interested people can get involved in their nonprofit. It’s simple, but it’s effective. You don’t always needs a lot of words to inspire.

Restore International Get Involved page

Tip: Sometimes, less is more. If you have powerful photographs, you may not need a ton of copy on your Get Involved page. What’s going to inspire your visitors to act?

Don’t overlook the power of a well-designed, thought out Get Involved page. Not everyone is going to be ready to click “Donate” after visiting your website for the first time. Get Involved pages go a long way in easing casual visitors into a place where they’re comfortable enough to take action.

Does your nonprofit have a Get Involved page? What approach did you take? We’d love to hear from you in the comments (and feel free to drop us a link).