If you’re the only person working on marketing at your nonprofit, you’re not as alone as it might seem. The majority of nonprofits in the U.S. are small, and organizations with up to eight staff members are lucky to have one full-time employee wrangling communications: the lone marketing wolf.

Infographic showing statistics about small nonprofits, the number of marketing employees at nonprofits, typical marketing responsibilities and common challenges

Your Marketing Toolkit

We’ve compiled some of the top advice and resources from Wired Impact to offer a marketing toolkit that’s practical for lone wolves and small teams. Learn different ways of managing your workload, how to get the most out of your marketing, recommended tools and more.

Project Management & Productivity

To keep your marketing moving forward, start with a close look at how you’re planning to get things done. At smaller nonprofits, you might be juggling multiple roles within the organization or find yourself in a silo where you become disconnected from other staff and organizational priorities. And it’s really easy to end up with a workload that is wildly unpredictable. We’ve put together tips and tricks based on our work with nonprofit clients over the years.

Fundamental Processes

Whether you’re new to nonprofit marketing or looking to take your communications to the next level, it’s tricky to come up with a process for getting everything done. To help make sure that you’re not skipping important steps or forgetting about best practices, here’s our advice for key marketing processes.

Must-Have Marketing Tools

Choosing the right tools can make all the difference as you look for ways to plan projects and streamline processes. Build up your marketing toolkit with technology that helps you get the job done without breaking the bank. Our team often recommends tools we use and those we’ve seen work well for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes.

Awareness Accelerator Nonprofit Marketing Plan

You don’t need a huge budget or army of marketers to raise your nonprofit’s profile in the community—but you do need a plan. Download our free Awareness Accelerator Nonprofit Marketing Plan and get a premade template of proven strategies.

Working Smarter, Not Harder

When you’re short on time, repurposing marketing materials and digital content is a great way to keep your communication channels active and well-aligned. Go ahead and publish that newsletter article as a blog post. Collect stories that engage supporters on social media as well as in your annual report. See our advice for getting more out of your marketing.

Living the #NPmarketing Life

Looking for professional development opportunities? Or maybe some folks to commiserate with? There are tons of places to look online to learn new skills, stay on top of trends and best practices, and connect with fellow nonprofit marketers.

Helpful Checklists & Templates

A common challenge for solo marketers at small nonprofits is that you often have to create your marketing toolkit from scratch. A blank slate has its perks, but sometimes it helps to have a little guidance to get you started or assess your work. Each of these posts come with free downloads that you can adapt to your organization.

Need Help Wrangling Your Website?

Our websites are designed with the features and support that growing nonprofits need to power your mission and marketing. Choose a website plan starting at just $99/month.

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