Using Columns Within Your Content

Columns are a nice tool to keep in your back pocket when formatting your content, especially for content in list form. For example, you might use columns to list people on your Board page or to list and link to past issues on your Newsletter page.

You’ll create columns in the same way whenever you’re formatting content on a page or in a blog post. You can even add multiple columns if you wish, like in this example showing the three calls to action in different columns.

Helpful Terminology

Columns are added to your page or post using a block. These pre-built elements allow you to insert a column into the page without using a shortcode.

Column Block

Creating Columns

To create a column, you’ll need to add a column block to your post or page to enclose the content that you would like to appear in columns. Follow the steps below to learn how to find the column options. You can create a variety of column sizes within your Wired Impact website. By selecting your block, you are able to add up to six columns in one block.

  • Click the + symbol in the upper left-hand corner.
  • Search for “Layout Elements”and click “Columns” (You can also search for just “Columns”).
  • By default, you’ll see two columns in the block. You can select up to six columns to be added in a single row by adjusting the block settings.
Select Column Number
  • Click in each column to start typing the text you want. Learn about adding images in columns below.
  • Preview the page or post to see if the columns look correct and are placed where you would like them.
Preview Content
  • You can continue formatting the text after it is added into the column block. In addition to bolding or linking text in a column, you could change the block type from Paragraph to List, Heading or Quote.
Format Text
  • When you’re done, be sure to save or publish your changes.
  • Pro Tip: If you want to be able to duplicate the column block you just made, click the three dots above the block and click “Add to Reusable Blocks”. You’ll be able to save the block’s formatting and reuse it. You can also repeat the above process as needed.
Reusable Blocks

Adding Images in Columns

If you would like to include an image as the content of one of your columns, such as on a Staff and Board page, it’s simple!  

  • Make sure your cursor is in the column block that you’d like to add the image to.
  • In the upper left-hand corner, click the + symbol and search for “Image” to add a singular photo or “Gallery” to add multiple.
Add Image to Column
  • Choose an image (or images) from your computer, Media Library, or a URL.
  • Repeat as needed.
  • Make sure you preview your changes and, if all looks good, publish them.

Adding Buttons in Columns

You might be interested in adding multiple buttons in the same column block. This can be beneficial if you’d like to give someone multiple options of where to go next. For example, you might want to them to “Give Today”, “Sign Up” or “See Events,” which you can see can see below.

Buttons in Columns
  • Make sure you add enough columns in the block. For the above example, you’d want to add three columns.
Adjust Columns
  • Place your cursor in the column that you’d like to add the button.
  • In the upper left-hand corner, click the + symbol and search for “Button”.
  • From there, you can create your button.
  • Repeat the process until all the buttons have been added.
Buttons in Columns
  • As always, preview your changes and make sure to publish if all looks good.

Removing a Column

Once in awhile, you might need to remove a column, which you can do in a few short steps! First, select the block you want to remove. Once you’ve done that, click the three dots that appear on the right-hand side of the block to find more options. Select “Remove Block.” Repeat as necessary.

Remove Column

To remove an entire column block with all of the column content, click the edge of the block to see that the whole area is selected in one box as shown below. You’ll now be able to click the three dot symbol and click Remove Block.

Remove Column Block

Convert Column Shortcodes

Did you previously use shortcodes to create columns on your website? Learn more about how to convert your content to use blocks.

Still Have Questions?

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