Your nonprofit’s website can be so much more than a pretty brochure. It has the potential to be a tool that helps you run more efficiently, makes your daily life a little easier and helps you do more good in your community.

We build WordPress plugins for nonprofits with one purpose:

To help nonprofits use their website as a tool for good

We’ve developed a couple of WordPress plugins for nonprofits to help in a variety of ways. Take a look at the current plugins we have in our lineup.

Volunteer Management Plugin for WordPress

The Goal: To make it easier to manage your nonprofit’s volunteers

Key Features:

  • Advertise volunteer opportunities easily
  • Make signing up to volunteer simple
  • Control the number of volunteers needed
  • Email your volunteers anytime
  • View volunteer profiles

Cost: The plugin is free for nonprofits to use.

Nonprofit Board Management Plugin for WordPress

The Goal: To make it easier for nonprofits to govern their boards

Key Features:

  • Easily see contact info for all members of your board
  • Post upcoming events and accept RSVPs from board members
  • Display members of each board committee
  • Share board resources with all board members

Cost: The base plugin is totally free.

If your specific situation calls for some additional functionality, we have premium extensions that allow you to customize it to fit your needs.

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