It’s no secret that many nonprofits put on events. They can be a great way to broaden your reach, reengage supporters and raise money. But event planning is often an all-consuming undertaking, which may leave very little capacity to tackle things like blogging.

But fear not! You can repurpose a lot of your event-related content to write stellar posts your audience will enjoy reading plus promote your event.

Here are 25 blog post ideas all about your nonprofit’s events.

Info About Your Events

Next time you have an event, consider some of these topics.

  1. Highlight an upcoming event
  2. Discuss what makes your events unique
  3. Showcase who you’re partnering with for an upcoming event and share why they’re so awesome
  4. Thank event attendees and remind them of the difference they’ve made
  5. Ask event attendees to share events they’d be interested in attending
  6. Highlight an upcoming speaker for your event
  7. Highlight an upcoming breakout session for your event
  8. Highlight the event you just had by the numbers including the number of attendees, number of hours spent learning, number of speakers, etc.
  9. Highlight an event from more than 20 years ago so people can see what the organization used to do
  10. Discuss an event by an organization relevant to your field that your nonprofit supported
  11. Summarize a recent event by sharing the positive feedback of attendees and the people in your organization who contributed to it happening
  12. Share the top three things you’re going to change in next year’s event based on feedback you’ve received
  13. Post a list of your 10 must-go-to events of the year put on by your organization
  14. Post a list of must-go-to events in your community supported by your organization
  15. Do a monthly or yearly wrap up describing the highlights of all of your events
  16. Promote the release of a new calendar of events

Posts Written by Your Event Attendees

You don’t have to write all of the posts on your blog yourself.  Lean on your event attendees.

  1. My favorite event I’ve attended
  2. My favorite breakout session I went to
  3. Why I’d likely attend a future event
  4. What I’d like to see in future iterations of an event
  5. My key takeaways from attending an event
  6. Why I decided to attend an event
  7. What makes these events unique
  8. One of the coolest people I met at this event
  9. How attending this event will make me a better donor/volunteer/supporter

Want 145 More Nonprofit Blog Posts?

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And that’s why we created a free downloadable guide with 170 blog post ideas aimed solely at nonprofits.  So you can spend less time brainstorming topics and more time writing content for your community.

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    • Thanks for the kind words Mona! I’m not an event planner, but I appreciate you taking the time to comment nonetheless.