When thinking about your nonprofit’s website, it’s common to give online fundraising a good deal of thought. Many nonprofits spend a lot of time thinking about their donation process. Some are incredibly thoughtful about the calls to action they’ll use to drive visitors to become donors. A few will even go so far as to use analytics to run tests to ensure their pages are optimized to maximize donations.

When it comes to online fundraising, one often overlooked opportunity to boost giving has to do with using your blog strategically. It’s typical to think of a blog as a place to share news about your organization. And there’s nothing wrong with sharing such news. But a blog can also be a wonderful place to bolster your fundraising efforts.

Here are 43 blog post ideas that are specifically targeted at helping your nonprofit get more from your online fundraising.

Posts Showcasing Donor Impact

Use your blog to show the difference your donors are making in the community you serve.

  1. Show how donation dollars are being spent in your community
  2. Showcase the overall impact your donors have had in the past year
  3. Share the story of one individual in your community and the impact a donation had on their life
  4. Thank corporate donors and talk about their impact
  5. Roundup a campaign, sharing the results of that specific campaign
  6. Publish a yearly report of the donation amount and types you’ve received and how they affected the year

Info For & About Your Donors

Provide information that your donors will find useful and beneficial. Use your blog as a place to introduce and celebrate your donors.

  1. Thank individual donors
  2. Preview an upcoming campaign, explaining the focus and how donations will be used
  3. Q&A with one of your donors
  4. Discuss a big donation from someone famous
  5. Feature 3 different types of donors to your organization, why they chose to donate, and their impact (ex. small one-time giver, monthly donor, corporate donor)
  6. Give tips for being a better donor
  7. Provide tips on how to choose a nonprofit to donate to
  8. Share questions donors should ask before donating to a nonprofit
  9. Outline all the various ways people can give based on what feels right to them
  10. Tell the story of one of your donors meeting someone they helped
  11. Ask donors for feedback on campaigns they’d be interested in supporting
  12. Write about how donors can determine the right amount to give
  13. Share a breakdown of who is giving to your nonprofit including age, gender, etc. along with an explanation of the data and key takeaways
  14. Honor a Donor of the Year

Highlight Community Needs

Your blog can be a great place to show the needs your community is facing as well as highlighting the ways donors can help.

  1. Provide a wish list of items you need at that moment
  2. Outline what items are needed at particular times throughout the year with an explanation of why they’re seasonal
  3. Share what your nonprofit can purchase with different donation amounts and the impact each has for folks in your community

Organizational Info on Donations

Take your donors behind the scenes, showing them how you put their generosity to good use.

  1. Show the process from donation to delivery of your goods or services
  2. Describe how you decide where to spend donation dollars
  3. Discuss your future fundraising goals
  4. Share your difficulties with reaching a fundraising goal and what you’re doing to address those struggles
  5. Highlight unusual or surprising ways folks can give to your nonprofit
  6. Talk about some early donations that helped your organization get started
  7. Describe a new donation process that you’ve introduced
  8. Show ways you have thanked donors in the past (ex. an event, thank you notes)
  9. Discuss your organization’s approach to financial responsibility and accountability, as well as any accreditations you may have

Posts Written by Your Donors

Ask your donors to share their experiences by writing posts for your blog.

  1. Why I decided to donate originally
  2. Why I’ve continued to donate
  3. How my donations have been used
  4. Why I think this organization is different than others
  5. When I realized I cared about this cause
  6. My advice for potential donors
  7. How I know I’m making a difference
  8. How I organized a fundraiser for this nonprofit
  9. Ways donating led me to be involved with this nonprofit’s cause (ex. became a volunteer after, signed up for weekly updates)
  10. Why I choose to contribute to my community by donating (can also talk about other organizations they give to)
  11. How my family donates in ways other than financial gifts

Want 127 More Nonprofit Blog Post Ideas?

We know coming up with ideas for your nonprofit’s blog can be a challenge. That’s why we created a free downloadable guide with 170 blog post ideas tailored specifically to nonprofits.

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  1. Thanks David for sharing blog post ideas for fundraising.

    I came across an online fundraising platform Givey.com. As per Money Saving Expert, it is #1 fundraising platform in UK. It is free to join as a donor or fundraiser. Even we can add charity or to upload a fundraising projects for free. 100% of the donation amount goes to charity.

    • Thanks for the comment Prerna. And thanks for sharing a link to Givey.com. We’ll have to check that one out!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this strategy, David. We are just starting a nonprofit organization and this is very helpful for us. You are the best! Well done.

    • You’re very welcome! I’m glad to hear the post was helpful. Good luck with getting your nonprofit up and running.

  3. I really like your blog. Thankyou for sharing an amazing ideas and strategy with us. This info really helpful those are looking for what are the strategy we follow to start a non profit organization.

    • Thanks for the kind words Abdul. I’m glad to hear the post was helpful. Best of luck starting up your nonprofit!