When you work in nonprofit marketing, it’s important to stay on top of new products, software, methods, trends—everything. You never want to be the last to know. So, I read a lot of blogs. Some are focused specifically on nonprofits, others just provide super helpful information that a nonprofit could definitely use. All have added to my knowledge of nonprofit marketing immensely.

My RSS feed is busting at the seams with blogs. Instead of listing them all here, I decided to take inventory, and pulled out a few of my favorites to share. Choosing was hard—there are a ton of great marketing blogs out there. But, these are the ones I find myself reading (and sharing) daily.


Classy is all about fundraising and nonprofit marketing. They’re a fantastic resource. They have a ton of useful infographics, nonprofit examples and exciting fundraising ideas. I feel like I’m always sharing their posts on Twitter. They’re just that great.

Kivi’s Nonprofit Communications

Kivi’s blog is a great resource for anyone involved in nonprofit marketing and communications. She shares helpful tips, fun nonprofit-centered posts and the best links for nonprofit communicators she found on the web every week. The variety is great, as is the content.

Cause Vox

Cause Vox has quickly become one of my favorite daily reads. These guys are sharp. The fundraising topics they cover are incredibly relevant for nonprofit marketers, and their posts are extremely actionable. They’ll give you a ton of ideas for ways to improve your fundraising campaigns.

John Haydon

We love John Haydon, and not just because he was kind enough to let us guest post on his blog. John focuses on nonprofit marketing, so you can bet you’ll get some useful tidbits out of every post.

Getting Attention Blog

Nancy Schwartz runs another great blog focused specifically on nonprofit marketing. Her posts get into the nitty gritty details of how to successfully market your nonprofit, fundraise, maintain your donor base and more.

Social Media Examiner

Any social media question you might have, they’ve blogged about it. I guarantee it. While they’re not focused on nonprofits, their posts are still incredibly useful. I recommend taking a look at their free social media marketing industry reports. There’s some good stuff in there.


NewsCred is probably my favorite blog right now that isn’t solely focused on nonprofits. They’re all about content marketing and put out some awesome blog posts. I’m a big fan of their brand case studies. Even though you’re not in the for-profit sector, there’s a lot to be learned from the marketing successes and failures of the bigger brand names.

Beth Kanter

You can’t put together a list of blogs nonprofits should be reading and not include Beth’s blog. You just can’t. She’s a rock star. Her blog is incredibly relevant and informative, especially if you’re interested in data and measurement. If you’re not already reading her blog, you’re missing out.

Nonprofit Tech for Good

This blog is just good. They cover everything from social media to web design to online fundraising best practices, and more. If you’re looking to really improve you digital marketing, this is a blog you want to be reading.

Network for Good

This is another great nonprofit blog largely focused on fundraising. What I love about this blog is that posts are short, but you get a ton of information. They don’t waste words, which is perfect for those of us who always have a million and one things on our plate.

Search Engine Journal

So, this blog isn’t specifically focused on nonprofits, but I’ve found its posts incredibly helpful and share them pretty regularly. They cover everything. Want to know why Twitter hashtags are so important? They’ll tell you. Looking for someone to make sense of this year’s SEO ranking factors? They can help.

Big Duck NYC

Focusing on communications for nonprofits, Big Duck puts out some fantastic content. I love that they break out of the traditional communications box and cover topics like branding, design and fundraising.

Moz Blog

Moz has established itself as an authority on all things search engine optimization (SEO). Now, they’re not specifically focused on nonprofits, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still incredibly helpful. If you’re looking for some solid information about how to optimize your nonprofit’s website, that’s written in plain English, these are your people.

Are you reading any of these blogs already? Do you have a favorite blog that’s helped your nonprofit’s marketing efforts? I’m always looking for more and would love to hear from you in the comments.


    • I agree, Scott. As someone who serves on two boards for nonprofits and works in communications for another nonprofit, Joan’s columns are very down to earth and do-able, especially for smaller organizations.

  1. Great list! I’m not familiar with CauseVox, so I went to their website and was sorry to see that they misspelled the word “straight” in their pop-up promo. I hope they pay more attention to their blog…

    • Haha, we hope so too. I just went to the site and do see they wrote “straght”. Not great, but hopefully for them very few people notice.

    • Thanks for commenting, Patrick! I’m looking forward to checking them out. We’re always on the lookout for great nonprofit marketing blogs.