Your marketing shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. The whole point of investing time and money in marketing is to help your nonprofit do more good in the community you serve.

A Process Driven by Results

With that in mind, we stand firmly behind inbound marketing for nonprofits. Our strategies work to attract interested visitors to your website, open communications and deepen relationships to move them toward completing meaningful goals.

Get to know your organization’s goals, successes & concerns

Work with you to create & execute a strategy to reach your goals

Regularly revisit strategy based on data & shifting priorities

Of course, every organization and partnership has its intricacies, but we follow a standard process for marketing projects that we’ve seen work well for nonprofits, time after time.

What’s great about Wired Impact is that they don’t base their strategies on opinions. They know best practices and use data to support their strategies. It also helped us sell our plan to our Board and show that our ideas were based on data of what was working and what could use improvement.

Mary Fete, National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias

Ongoing Marketing for Nonprofits

We’ll work to grow traffic to your website, engage those visitors to get involved and then deepen those relationships to drive supporters toward key goals.

Growing Traffic

Your site can’t do you much good if no one knows it exists. That’s why we start by developing a plan to drive as many of the “right people” to your site as we possibly can. We’ll work with you to bring more people interested in the type of work that you do onto your website.

This plan might include things like:

  • Search engine optimization to drive more interested visitors to your site that haven’t heard of you before
  • Ghostwriting optimized content for your blog or website to answer visitor questions and drive them to engage
  • Setting up and managing your Google Ad Grants account to use up to $10,000 per month in free paid search ads from Google
  • Identifying social media influencers in your space that may be interested in your work and developing a plan for the best way to connect

Driving Visitors to Get Involved

Simultaneously, we want to engage these visitors and drive them to take meaningful actions once they’re on your site. Traffic numbers don’t matter if those visitors never get involved.

Oftentimes, this includes:

  • Designing and implementing calls to action promoting key website actions
  • Creating a measurement plan for effectively tracking what’s working and what could be improved
  • Developing a plan to drive more visitors to sign up for your newsletter or reach out on social media
  • Creating social media graphics to promote major initiatives

Deepening Relationships to Meet Your Goals

Effective marketing is all about building relationships with visitors and increasing their involvement with your nonprofit. Once we’ve piqued a visitor’s interest, we’ll transform these casual visitors into active supporters.

This step includes relationship-building tactics, like:

  • Installing advanced analytics tools to answer questions about visitor behavior
  • Drafting emails to send to your subscribers about upcoming opportunities to engage
  • Creating downloadable resources to move your advocacy efforts forward
  • Updating your donation process to increase the likelihood a donor will make a gift
  • Running content experiments to see what resonates with your audience

Their value is immeasurable. Whenever we are at a loss with an issue with our website, locked out of an account, can’t get something to look right in MailChimp, want to start a podcast stream, improve our site searchability, set up a Facebook pixel – it doesn’t matter what the task is – Wired Impact always comes through and finds a way to help us meet our goals … And even when we don’t ask, they always have ideas of their own on how to improve our site and be helpful in ways we didn’t even imagine!

Samantha March, Jewish Federation of St. Louis

So How Much Does It Cost?

Our ongoing marketing engagements start at 20 hours/month and $115/hour ($2,300/month) and scale up based on the role you’d like us to play in your nonprofit’s marketing efforts. As engagements grow, the hourly rate drops.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? Get answers to some of the more common ones we hear from other nonprofit marketers.

Our strongest partnerships are with organizations who value marketing as a way to move their mission forward, but who don’t have time or expertise to execute a cohesive marketing plan on their own. Our process also includes regular calls with a dedicated project manager, so it’s helpful to have one point person on your team with the authority to make decisions that can move initiatives forward on schedule.

The answer here really depends on your specific organization and the competitiveness of your sector. Generally, we’ll target some quick wins while we lay the foundation for tactics that may take a longer time to show results. To allow enough time to generate results, we ask for a six-month commitment for all new engagements.

This is a partnership, and we’ll need input from you and your team on an ongoing basis to keep the project moving forward. Your dedicated project manager will need to talk with the point person on your team every week or two. This way, we can discuss your goals and gather feedback to keep the train rolling forward. We’ll also meet up for lengthier strategy conversations around twice a year.

Unfortunately not. We need at least 20 hours per month to deliver results. And we don’t want to sell a nonprofit on something that we don’t feel confident will get them where they need to go.

Wired Impact is the best partnership that I have had in my entire career. It’s great to have a partner that gets and understands what you are about and is excited to help you grow. Best meeting I have every week.

Chris Kelley, Oblates of the Virgin Mary

Ready to Get More from Your Nonprofit’s Marketing?

We love talking about nonprofit marketing. If you’d like to talk about what this approach could look like for your nonprofit, just let us know.