Ongoing Marketing

Ongoing Marketing for Nonprofits

Our ongoing marketing engagements are a partnership with one goal:

Leveraging your web presence to meet your organizational goals

Your marketing shouldn’t exist in a vacuum. The whole point of investing time and money in marketing is to help your nonprofit do more good in the community you serve.

A Different Approach to Nonprofit Marketing

Think of all those TV commercials or print ads you’ve ignored over the years. There’s a better approach to marketing than these traditional methods that interrupt people in an attempt to grab attention. And it’s called “inbound marketing.”

Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits

Unlike these disruptive approaches to marketing, inbound marketing is all about connecting you to people interested in your cause when they’re actively looking for the type of information you can provide. It’s about sharing a helpful piece of content that solves their problem or answers their question. Once you’ve piqued their interest, you can start building a relationship.

Simply put, instead of you going out to find these visitors, inbound marketing brings them to you.

The Key is Your Content

The key to inbound marketing is creating dynamite content that’ll resonate with your visitors. By answering their questions and solving their problems, you can build trust and establish authority.

By creating content that appeals to your ideal website visitor (such as a donor, volunteer or member of the community you provide services to), you can drive more of the “right people” to your site. Over time, you can cultivate relationships and turn a total stranger into an active supporter.

How Inbound Marketing Works for Nonprofits

This whole inbound marketing thing sounds great right? But are you wondering what it looks like in practice for nonprofits? Here’s how we think about it:


Inbound Marketing for Nonprofits


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The Two Phases of Ongoing Marketing

While we tailor our approach to each nonprofit, from a high level we break our ongoing marketing relationships into two phases.

Phase 1: Traffic Growth Engagement

Your site can’t do you much good if no one knows it exists. That’s why we start by developing a plan to drive as many of the “right people” to your site as we possibly can.

But this phase isn’t purely about increasing the number of visits you get from just anyone. It’s about developing a plan to get more people interested in the type of work that you do onto your website.

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Phase 2: Conversion Growth Engagement

Once you’re driving a healthy amount of traffic, we work with you to engage these visitors and drive them to take meaningful action on your site. Just getting them to your site isn’t the end game. We’re interested in converting these casual visitors into active supporters.

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So How Much Does It Cost?

Our ongoing marketing engagements start at $1,000 per month and scale up from there depending on the role you’d like us to play in your nonprofit’s marketing efforts. As is often the case with custom approaches, it’s hard to give a fixed price without knowing more about your organization and what you’re looking to achieve.

But we’d love to work with you to figure out the engagement size that makes the most sense for your particular needs.


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