How to Customize Your Nonprofit’s Twitter Page Design

Nonprofit Twitter Design

In the age of social media, Twitter has become a champion of social connections. Nonprofits have enthusiastically hopped on board, using the platform to connect with their communities and the general public. Not only is Twitter well known for its ability to spread and create networks, it also has an easy, user-friendly interface. One of the features offered to account holders is the ability to customize their pages.

Like your website, your Twitter profile is an important part of your organization’s web presence and the site of many potentially meaningful interactions. So take advantage of Twitter’s customization features and pay special attention to your page’s design.

Here’s how you can customize your nonprofit’s Twitter page today. Let’s start with the three main customizable components of your page: your profile photo, header photo and background.

Customizing Your Profile Photo

Go to your organization’s profile by clicking the “Me” icon in the top navigation. Once you’re there click on the “Edit profile” button below your page’s header. Then click directly on the small square box within the header to upload a profile photo. Your profile photo will be cropped to a 73px x 73px square that is centered within the header.

Nonprofit Twitter Profile Photo

You want your profile photo to be instantly recognizable. Therefore, your profile photo should most likely be your organization’s logo.

Some organizations, however, have another image that’s equally recognizable as belonging to their organization. The Guggenheim (@Guggenheim), for example, uses a photo of its famous and one-of-a-kind structure.

Guggenheim Nonprofit Twitter DesignOri

Customize Your Header

Alright, your profile photo is all set up. Now it’s time to upload a header image. Just like you changed your profile photo, select the “Edit profile” button and click into the header space to upload a photo there. The image will have to fit into the 520px x 260px space.

What you put in your header is entirely up to you. If you choose a photo, make sure it aligns with your organization’s personality and mission. If you choose something more graphic, make sure that its colors and tone are consistent with the styles of your brand.

Stand Up to Cancer (@SU2C) has a unique approach and updates its header to reflect seasonal campaigns. At the time of this post, their header has a unique image promoting its holiday Ugly Sweater campaign.

Stand Up to Cancer Twitter Design

Customize Your Background

If you have uploaded your logo as your profile photo and made a unique header image, you have probably noticed that your default Twitter background no longer quite fits. You’ll likely want to optimize your background, like the rest of the page, to promote your brand.

To customize your background, go into your Settings by clicking the gear icon in the upper right of your page and clicking “Settings” in the dropdown.  Once in Settings, click the “Design” link in the menu on the left. Scroll down to the “Customize your own” section. Here you can change your background color down to exact hex value to match your brand colors.

Customize Nonprofit Twitter Background Settings

You also have the option of uploading a unique image to serve as your background. The World Wildlife Fund (@WWF) does a stunning job of choosing background images.

WWF Nonprofit Twitter Background

Because the Twitter site is responsive, how your background image will appear depends on the screen size of the viewer. It is recommended that you make your image at least 1600px x 1200px so that it can fill the space of most screen sizes. Read some of these tips to get more recommendations on how to set up your background image for Twitter’s layout.

Customize Your Link Color

A final tip to fully customize your Twitter page is to change your link color. By default the links on you page’s navigation and within your page’s tweets are blue.

By going back into Settings and opening the Design tab, you can change your link color. Just put in the hex value of the color you want. Make sure the color matches with your brand and the color scheme you’ve developed.

Other Creative Twitter Page Designs

Now that you’ve gotten the lowdown on Twitter’s main customization features, take a look at some other creative nonprofit Twitter profile pages for inspiration.

No Kid Hungry (@nokidhungry) uses their background to share important information and URLs to their other social media accounts.

No Kid Hungry Nonprofit Twitter Design

Nature Conservancy (@nature_org) has a very simple but powerful profile page design.

Nature Conservancy Nonprofit Twitter Design

The Special Olympics (@SpecialOlympics) makes a powerful brand statement with their page.

Special Olympics Nonprofit Twitter

Oxfam New Zealand (@oxfamnz) uses a very graphic design for its background.

Oxfam New Zealand Nonprofit Twitter Design

Designing Your Own Twitter Page

What really makes all of these examples so successful is their vision. Before customizing your own Twitter profile page consider how all of the parts we covered – the profile photo, the header, and the background – can fit together to make one awesome page design.

Have you seen any other awesome nonprofit Twitter page designs? Leave us a comment or send us a tweet @wiredimpact.

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