Educate People on the Need Driving Your Nonprofit’s Work

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Nonprofit work is driven by need. Explaining the need you’re meeting to website visitors is a big deal. The extent to which visitors understand the problem you’re addressing plays a big role in their decision to support you.

Now, providing information on your cause doesn’t automatically mean overloading visitors with thousands of details. Less is definitely more. Pick the key points – the information pertinent to their fully understanding the need for an organization like yours. That’s it.

In my latest perusal of nonprofit websites, I found a few organizations who, in my opinion, do an excellent job explaining their purpose in a creative and engaging way. And, per usual, I had to share.

Take a look. Get inspired by how these organizations are educating visitors. Notice how easy their content is to digest. Maybe you’ll come up with a few ideas of your own.

Best Friends Animal Society

This is essentially the Best Friends Animal Society Mission page, but it does a great job of educating visitors on the problem they’re addressing. There’s no rule for where your educational information has to live.

What I love is how brief but effective it is. The page isn’t anything fancy. There are no crazy features. There’s no long drawn out text or powerful images of animals. It’s a simple problem/solution format. They explain how many pets become homeless, address the high number of homeless pets killed each year and quickly position themselves as part of the solution. You very quickly and easily understand the problem.

Best Friends Shelter Nonprofit Work

Liberty in North Korea

Liberty in North Korea addresses a complex issue, but they’ve used simple language and compelling graphics to effectively educate visitors on the problem they’re addressing.

Bigger text highlights the key points visitors need to know in order to understand the gist of things. Engaged visitors have the option of reading the more in depth explanations included throughout the page. The graphics highlight some of the harsher aspects of the problem they address, making them easier for people to swallow. You don’t always need powerful photography and a drawn out explanation of your cause to fully educate your visitors.

Liberty North Korea Nonprofit Work


Sometimes the facts speak for themselves, and that’s exactly what buildOn does to educate their visitors.

Coupling compelling, relevant photos with clear, poignant facts, they quickly paint a clear picture of the problem they’re addressing for visitors. And, it works. You quickly understand the “education crisis” and its lasting effects, and all in the span of a minute or two.

BuildOn Nonprofit Work

Love 146

Educating visitors is a priority for Love 146. The “Learn” tab included in their main navigation makes this clear. It also makes the information easy for visitors to locate. There’s a lot of value to this approach since they have so much information to share.

Beyond its organization, the delivery of the information is done exceptionally well. They don’t assume any prior knowledge. They cover the details of their cause from A to Z. But, instead of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information as you work your way through it, you’re caught up in what you’re learning. Using statistics, simple language and concise text, they do an excellent job educating visitors on their cause.

Love 146 Nonprofit Work
It’s important to educate visitors on the reasons your nonprofit exists. The better people understand the underlying problem or need behind nonprofit work, the more likely they are to feel driven to give their support. But, be concise and engaging about it. You can provide all the information you want, but if you don’t deliver it in a format people want to consume, it’s not going to do you any good.

How are you educating visitors on your cause? Are you taking an approach we didn’t include? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.