With mobile device usage at an all-time high (and continuing to climb), having a responsive website is more important than ever. A responsive site makes for much better user experience across a variety of devices, meaning visitors will stay on your site longer no matter how they’re accessing it, and hopefully turn visits into conversions.

Responsive design can also positively influence your ranking in search engines, and will be able to accommodate future devices, just to name a few benefits. Many nonprofits are getting on the responsive train, sporting beautiful sites that engage users on any device.

Here we have ten examples of wonderful responsive nonprofit website designs. Check them out below for your own responsive website inspiration.


RU4Children has a breathtaking site on a desktop screen. The gorgeous black and white photographs are large, in your face, and contrast beautifully with the cleanliness of the website’s design itself.

When viewing on a mobile device, the site stays true to its bold presence, with the photos at the forefront. The flow of content is maintained on a mobile device, and the navigation is clear, allowing users to access every section of the site from one concise spot.

RU 4 Children DesktopRU 4 Children Mobile

Shining Hope for Communities

Shining Hope for Communities does a great job of making their site equally compelling on desktop and mobile device screens. The desktop version of the site features one large header image with a call to action overlaid, and then organizes other important information with colorful boxes and icons.

In the mobile version of the site, the main photo gets a little smaller, and the call to action appears below it so as not to cover the girl featured in the photo. The call to action is large, inviting, and easily clickable. Each section from the homepage is then stacked in order vertically, with the various matching color boxes and icons from the desktop version.

Shining Hope for Communities DesktopShining Hope Mobile

Other Awesome Responsive Websites


350 Desktop350 Mobile

The Nature Conservancy

National Conservancy DesktopNational Conservancy Mobile

Not for Sale

Not For Sale DesktopNot for Sales Mobile


NPR DesktopNPR Mobile


ONE DesktopONE Mobile


RED DesktopRED Mobile

Under the Weather

Under the Weather DesktopUnder the Weather Mobile


Vittana DesktopVittana Mobile

Hopefully seeing some of the best nonprofit websites out there provides your organization with inspiration for your future or current responsive website.

Do you have more examples of influential responsive nonprofit sites in mind? Share them with us in the comments below.


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