Congratulations!  You’ve just finished a round of fundraising that was an overwhelming success.  Maybe it was a capital campaign, a major event or just a seasonal goal.  It likely wasn’t easy, but you buckled down and in the end you achieved your goal.

While that’s great, your job is not done once your goal is reached.  Far from it in fact.  Now it’s time to share your fundraising success in a way that makes your donors feel like champions and helps your organization raise more in the future.

Achieving Your Goal Shouldn’t be the Focus

Many organizations center the conclusion of a fundraising campaign on the total amount raised.  But that’s not the story.  The amount of money you raised is only a means to an end.

Your donors didn’t give simply to help you reach a financial goal.  They gave to help you raise enough money to make the world a bit better.

Share What’s Next

Tell your supporters what comes next.  Instead of simply focusing on the past (the fundraising campaign), turn your focus to the future.  What are the next steps for using this money?  What are the projected outcomes?  What’s the timeframe?

The more concrete you can be, the more accountable and organized you’ll seem to your supporters and those taking notice of the work you’re doing.  This can help you build trust and ultimately garner more support.

Thank Your Supporters

Your nonprofit isn’t the star of this story.  Your donors are.  They’re the ones that enable you to do the work you do.  They’re the ones partnering with you in making your community a better place.

When sharing fundraising success, you should be using the word “you” and the phrase “together we” a lot.  Make sure it’s clear your donors are a key part of the team.

Not only does this show appreciation, but it also makes your donors know they’re making a difference, increasing the likelihood they’ll stay involved with your organization.

Tell Folks How to Get Involved Now

This particular fundraising effort may be over.  But that doesn’t mean you should stop focusing on engaging those interested in your mission.

Tell folks how they can get involved.  Do you need volunteers?  Is there an opportunity to donate to another campaign?  Is there a newsletter someone can sign up for or a guide a visitor can download?

Sharing past success is a golden opportunity to engage visitors for the future.  Seeing successes can inspire visitors to get involved and become a part of the difference you and your supporters are making.

How do you celebrate success?  Do you put your supporters front and center?  Is there anything you plan on changing the next time you share fundraising success?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Image courtesy of, Flickr