Since there are tons and tons of nonprofits finding a volunteer opportunity is pretty easy to do.  The issue is finding an opportunity that fits your needs and interests.  Some people want to work with animals every Monday while others want to paint a building one Saturday every year.  To help you find that perfect volunteer opportunity that’s in your area, here are three websites you can use to search and contact nonprofits for volunteer opportunities.

See how our website builder can help your nonprofit find volunteers ›


Using to search for volunteer activities is really straightforward and very simple.  You type in your zip code and a keyword about the type of activity you want and you get a list immediately.  I typed in 63132 and “technology” and found a nonprofit that teaches 4th – 8th graders how to use the computer.  I was then able to send a message directly from the website to their volunteer coordinator expressing interest in the program.

2. is another great place to search for volunteer opportunities online.  My favorite feature of is the ability to drill down to the exact types of volunteer opportunities you’re looking for.  After typing in my city in the search box I was then able to use the sidebar to look for only events.  Once I was looking at events I could choose to see only walks, conferences, or fundraisers.  If you’re looking to make a career in nonprofit work they also allow you to pull up available jobs or internships in your area.

3. All for

All for is a service of Points of Light, a large nonprofit organization inspired by President George H.W. Bush’s Daily Point of Light Award for individuals who have made a difference. Just like and you can search for opportunities by location and see results from places like AARP, United Way and more. Also, you can start your own project or register an organization to start recruiting help.

I know this article doesn’t even scratch the surface of all the websites you can use to find volunteer opportunities, but hopefully it will help get you started if you’ve had trouble finding volunteer opportunities in the past.

Is Your Nonprofit Looking for Volunteers?

In addition to posting your nonprofit’s volunteer opportunities on the same sites we’ve listed above, you can use your own website and communications channels to recruit help. Here are some of the additional articles we’ve written on this topic:

If you have used the internet to find a volunteer opportunity, how did it go?  Share your tips in the comments.


  1. I would like to volunteer but I don’t know were to start

    • If you don’t know where to start then I’d definitely recommend checking out the websites listed here. Good luck in your search!

    • I would like to volunteer but I am disabled so I’m not sure what I could do but I do need to do something I have had for fusions in my lower back. I have had a fusion in my neck and shoulder surgeries but I would love to find something I can do to be productive during the day after working for 20 years

    • Hi Larry. Try visiting the websites in the article and see if they have opportunities that might be a good fit for you. Good luck!

    • Hi, Aruna. Try visiting the websites in the post to see if any opportunities seem like a good fit for you. Good luck!

    • I would like to find something to do 3 days a week. I’ve worked in clothing .food. cashing customer service.

    • We are an organization in Mfangano Island Kenya looking for volunteers to help us with youth empowerment
      IT technology
      Charity work

    • My name is Robert Brooks I would like to volunteer please help me find a place I live n Raielgh/Durham/chapel hill nc area

    • That’s great, Robert! I’d recommend starting by looking at opportunities in your area within the sites listed in the post. Best of luck!

    • I’m 82 years old and I live a lonely life. I would like to volunteer somewhere in Staten Island New York. I’m an outgoing person and interact very well with people.

    • It’s great to hear you’re interested in volunteering, Patricia! I’d recommend using the location filtering features in the tools listed in the article to find opportunities that interest you in Staten Island. Best of luck!

    • I would like to volunteer to coach women and help making their resumes to enable their employment chances

    • I would like to volunteer but I don’t know we’re to start from

    • Hi there. I’d recommend starting with the websites outlined in the article. Hopefully they help you find the perfect place to volunteer.

    • That’s a really good question Israel. I would suggest looking for Ugandan websites similar to the ones listed here and posting your opportunities there. Otherwise, make sure to list volunteer opportunities on your website and make it easy to reach out to get involved. Aside from that, ask people. A lot of people don’t volunteer simply because they’re never asked.

    • There are several websites you can go to and they will let you publishes ads looking for volunteers.

    • I’m a youth development and mentoring coach, and will be delighted to contribute my services in your organization as you may require.

  2. I’d like to work in voluntary countries because’m tired of the war here in libya I am from Benin and am looking for someone who can help me thank you and I speak English French Arabic

  3. Hi Jonathan. I am actually liking for the opposite. I’m trying to locate volunteers in my area that may be able to help with light tasks with my dad who has dementia. I found one elder website that required you to pay upfront before even obtaining any information, which is unsettling.
    Are there websites you are aware of to help locate local volunteers?

    • Hi Steph,

      It’s going to be a little harder for you to find volunteers directly since I would guess you’re not set up as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. My best recommendation would probably be to search for nonprofits that help provide elder care. They would likely already have volunteers who are willing to help, and would have the processes in place to provide effective care. I hope that’s helpful and good luck.

  4. I want to be a world’s renowned volunteer. How can start the task to be? Though I am a novice in this regard.

    • Hi Rakibul, that’s a difficult question. If you want to be world renowned you should probably start volunteering all the time for highly visible nonprofits and attempt to have as great an impact as possible in the community. Good luck.

  5. I am trying to find a place were i can volunteer helping out the homeless and battered women. I know a lot about programs getting on welfare ssi ssd other programs to help these women find affordable houseing cash ass. counseling a bunch I have helped out a lot of people on my own and would love to volunteer at some shelters and help these women get back on there feet. I am a survivor of a few rape and violet relationships and have been through a lot of what these women are going through now and no one helped me not family friends no one but myself. It makes me feel good to help others and someday soon I am hopeing to become a counselor. I am still battling with some issues but I know I will get through them since I am use to life by now and am doing everything I can to reach my goals and get what I deserve finally. In the mean time it gives me great joy to help those who truely need the help it makes me feel good and Iam proud of myself when I can help someone ans see them become better for the help I have given its a bigger payment to me then money. Don’t get me wrong I do love and need money and after I go to school and become a counselor until then helping people will be great practice and will give me the feeling of good I will be making a difference one person at a time and hopefully what I teach them they teach and help out someone else. Thank you Nicole Proudman can contact me also by phone in the morning after 10am at 716-912-1045

    • Thanks for reaching out Nicole and for your passion to help others. Hopefully by using the websites listed in the blog post you can find an opportunity that works for you. Good luck.

    • Thanks Nicole Proudman , please get in contact with Hope Case Foundation in Uganda for volunteer opportunities on Street and other homeless children and Violence against Women and Girls .

    • Am Raphael Alex Ombade the Director of Bluetanzanite Volunteer Charity limited. We have program of wemen empowerment. Please join your hands with us


    • Am glad to be one of the blessed people to read your comment am Geofrey the founder of Taata Africa foundation which helps needy kids and women in Uganda. please can you join us

  6. I’m located now in mccomb Mississippi and I have no one so I’m rather bored I can be using this time wisely

    • We have a Hospice Agency in McComb looking for Volunteers. Are you still interested in volunteering in McComb, MS?

    • Ga

      Are you interested in working from home with a charitable entitiy in Jamaica?

  7. Hi Jonathan, I would like to know how can I do to get a project to make or built web apps or websites as volunteer, I want to improve my portfolio and i think that’s a good opportunity. i am from Venezuela I hope you can help me


    • My first suggestion would be to post volunteer opportunities on the tools listed in the article. If that doesn’t work I’d suggest reaching out to universities to see if they have students that might be interested.

  8. we are an NGO christian based organisation in Kenya dealing with helping street kids in Kenya and offer a number of placements to our volunteers, but we are finding it difficult to find international volunteers. What is the best thing we can do to have international volunteers?

    • Hi Kelvin, I’d recommend posting your volunteer opportunities on the websites listed in the article. Those sites are extremely popular, so your opportunities would hopefully be seen by folks who may be interested in coming to Kenya. Good luck!

    • hi Emmanuel I would like to know how can I do to get a projector as volunteer, I want to improve my portfolio and i think that’s a good opportunity. i am from pakistan I hope you can help me


    • Hi

      On which site of town are you .And what kind of volunteers are you looking for I like volunteering.

  9. Dear Jonathan i am behalf on west Nepal Development Trust from Nepal and our organizations want volunteer for needy society so how to requirements to volunteer s please guide to me.

    • Hi Rudra, the best way to find volunteers is probably to post on the websites provided within the article. Take a shot at that and let us know how it goes. Good luck.

  10. hi friend I am planing a visit to china. Can you tell me about the best volunteer organizations in china?

    • I’m sorry Adeel, but I wouldn’t be the best person to ask about volunteer organizations in China. Try going to the websites I listed and see if they can provide any help. Good luck.

  11. Hello,
    I live in Bucks County, Pa.
    I was wondering if there is some areas near me where you can use a volunteer for a few hours a week.
    Thank you,
    Penny, 215-396-2996

    • Thanks for reaching out Penny. Try checking out each of the websites listed in the article. The, Idealist and HandsOn Network websites each allow you to search by area so you can find opportunities close by.

      Good luck.

  12. Hello,
    I am a Vietnamese.
    I want to join in a foreign Laboratories in Biology to help professor make experiments. I want to work in laboratory as a volunteer for a long time.
    if you know professor need a volunteer work in his/her laboratory, you will talk to me, won’t you?
    Thank you so much.

    • Thanks for reaching out Le. While it might be tough finding exactly what you’re looking for, your best bet is to use the websites listed in the article to find volunteer opportunities. Good luck.

  13. Dear Jonathan,

    I work at a not-for-profit organization called SMART Eco Park, Mumbai, India. We have a 20 acre unique interactive learning studio for children. We are looking for international volunteers who would want to spend their summer interning or working abroad (at our Park). Would you happen to know any websites that offer such access to not-profits like ours?

    Please visit our website at Please contact me via email.

    Thanks and take care.


    • Thanks for reaching out Neel. I’d recommend checking out the websites in the article and posting your opportunities on those sites. Good luck!

  14. Hi Jonathan,
    This Susie,I’m ESL student, I’m looking to do volunteer . Could you please tell me your recommendation!!
    Thank you in advance.

  15. CWFAH seeking Volunteers Business Management Reception Nonprofit Secretary event planner for Columbia Mo

  16. Im a senior living in cleveland ohio looking for something on a bus line to volunteer with people that are struggling in their day to day with addiction and or everything associated with loosing everything because of their addiction. Thank You. Merianne

    • Thanks for reaching out Merianne. Try visiting the websites in the article and see if they have opportunities that might be a good fit for you. Good luck!

  17. Hye,i am in Africa Kenya and i have been serching for an NGO to volunteer as either:charity work,language practise,art project or teaching but i have found none can you please assist me?

  18. i would like to volunteer but i do not know where to start from

  19. I realize the typical commenter is looking for volunteer activities. However, some are looking for volunteers to help them personally. Hopefully this comment will help people coming to your website looking for assistance. By dialing the telephone number 211, many people in the US are able to find organizations that provide assistance and aid. 2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember three-digit telephone number that brings people and services together.

    The website gives an indication of coverage by state.

  20. If you’re looking to do skilled volunteering, check out from the Taproot Foundation! It’s a nation-wide volunteer marketplace specifically for pro bono, meaning you can use your professional skills to help nonprofits with a high-impact project. Most projects can be done remotely, and it’s a free service for both nonprofits and volunteers.

  21. Hi Jonathan.

    Really appreciated the way you help people by your comment. You are doing such a nice job.

    I am Ishant from India and now I have some free time which I want to use it to do some good volunteer work or to help people. I may not have much skills. But still I do have a passion to do something good. And I want to start it from India. Because i cant go abroad dont have so much money so Can you please advice me or share me anybody’s contact no in delhi so that I can contact with him to join. Because I don’t know from where to start.

  22. I moved to New Orleans, Louisiana from a small Arkansas town a year ago. I do not work and at 56 years old I don’t know how to go about meeting people and making friends. My boyfriend suggested volunteering at something but I don’t know where to start. Any suggestions?

  23. I was volunteering at st joseph as a child care worker,so i want to go volunteer international so please help me

  24. My name is David shehemba, a Managing Director for Enhancing Access to Health for Poverty Reduction – Tanzania. We are looking for a volunteer who will help us in our present undertakings. Please advise me what to do.

  25. Hey there,

    I am looking to find volunteers to help a with a musical project.
    I will be based in Europe for the next 6 months but my colleague is a producer in Toronto.
    I work remotely but our main markets will be Ontario (Toronto), New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.
    Any advice on where to post? How to go a bout it?
    We are small collective with vast experience in the music industry, particularly in Europe and are looking for younger people (18-30) to help with P.R., promotion and the like. If these people prove themselves down the road we could possibly hire them.

    Please me help me out, would be very appreciated.

    • Hi Dom, we’d refer you to the resources in the blog post if your project is a nonprofit opportunity.

  26. Hi everyone,

    I am part of a small group that started a Non Profit organization for homeless children in Burundi (Africa) called One Meal at a time. We are looking for ways to have the organization website built by a volunteer, since we are not so great at it ourselves 🙁
    Any ideas? Would greatly appreciate any advise. Thank you.

  27. I am Kyoyita Isreal programs director of Love Uganda Foundation Uganda.We are looking for volunteers Child care/Ophanange,Poverty eradication,Farming,Water and sanitaion.

    • Hi Kyoyita. Try visiting the websites in the article and see if they have opportunities that might be a good fit for you. Good luck!

  28. Good Day, am a young Nigerian committed to seeing a better Africa, I have volunteered for different NGOs in Nigeria in the area of education. Am a proponent of restoring the wonderful art of reading and the library. Currently am a volunteer for VSO, in which my volunteering ends next year march. I won’t mind if I get an Opportunity to volunteer outside Nigeria, especially in vulnerable societies in Africa and South America. Thanks

  29. Hi i’ve been volunteering at Gawad Kalinga here in the Philippines for quite a while now.. I want to try helping other organizations but i can’t find any leads.. I want push bounderies and try volunteering overseas…

    • Take a look at the websites listed in the article Ian. Hopefully those will be able to help you find opportunities abroad. Good luck!

  30. Hi Jonathan,

    Greetings from Kilimanjaro Tanzania. I am Mr. Innocent Temu, Co Founder of Tz Rising a leading volunteer charity working with vulnerable groups in rural areas under the roof of the highest mountain in Africa (Mt.Kilimanjaro). We’re working with volunteers from different part of the world to eradicate poverty in rural areas. I would like to invite organizations and individuals who wish to Volunteer in Kilimanjaro Tanzania. It’s free to volunteer with us. NO volunteer fees. Come and experience the nature of Africa. Having chance to climb Mt.Kilimanjaro and/or doing Safaris.

    Tz Rising

  31. I would like to recommend you to visit

    The work that BAPS Charities engages in with individuals, families and communities around the world is only made possible by the involvement of ordinary individuals with an extraordinary Spirit of Service. Join our volunteers in making a lasting impact on your community and get involved with BAPS Charities.

    For over a decade, BAPS Charities has been engaging in a wide array of charitable activities and projects in the United States while also supporting charitable projects around the world. It is through these activities and projects that our thousands of volunteers in centers across the United States are living the Spirit of Service.

    Need to just select your nearest location to get involved.

  32. I want volunteer work in a hospital at my area ga south hospital please how should i write the letter

    • If you’re looking for volunteers or want to volunteer yourself check out the websites listed in the article. They would be a good place to start.

  33. I am planning to develop a large scale website for our free-teaching initiative can you help us to recommend someone to help for it. some requirement are here:

    I am listing some function below:

    Sign Up/Registration – Google, Facebook, Linkedin
    Courses : Free tests, Live test, Exams
    Chapter wise questions, class wise, random questions, 20,30, 50 question sessions
    Test Packs
    eCard- promo code
    Live Chat
    Contributor (feedback to revise or add questions)

    User dashboard

    Transactions- coin system
    Special offers
    Past activities
    Option to save half exams and continue from saved one
    Donation at end of exam
    Invite others

    User management
    Courses management
    Tests Management – Question Papers(images or formulas)
    promo codes

  34. HI, I would like to to volunteer to an non-profit organization. Let me know the ways to proceed for that. I’m full time free young adult who would like to help people. TIA.

    • If you’re looking to volunteer check out the websites listed in the article. They would be a good place to start. Good luck.

    • Hi Pavi, am peter from Uganda Pallisa, I do welcome you to come volunteer with Victory nurser and primary school under Baptist ministry. or +256779832237.
      Thank you.

    • Hi dear,if you still need a place to volunteer please join us at trust future Uganda, contact me at Shamim@trustfutureuganda
      WhatsApp +256706921846

  35. I am trying to help a non-profit organization get volunteers to demo houses. Can you help with places to post that we need volunteers? They have a website. But I need to know where to post, so we can get volunteers ASAP!!!


    • Thanks for reaching out Denise. Try posting the volunteer opportunities on the websites listed in the article. Those websites are probably a great place to start. Good luck!

  36. My name is Annette Mathis i want to vounteer helping people where should i start.

    • Thanks for commenting, Annette. Take a look at the volunteer opportunities listed on the websites in the post. Those websites are a great place to start if you’re looking for something new. Good luck!

    • Would you be interested in volunteering with Bay8 (A Jamaican based charity – it allows you to work from home



    • Thanks, Wilfred! I’m happy you found this post helpful.

  37. Hi All,
    Hope everyones okay
    Looking for a volunteres that can help me according to my homestay in imlil valley


    • Thanks for commenting, Lahcen. Try posting on the websites listed in the article. Those are a great place to start. Good luck!

  38. I would like to suggest the volunteer agency Original Volunteers for your next round up of volunteer sites.

    Original Volunteers works with smaller organisations and charities abroad and although we organise everything for our volunteers we don’t charge the super high fees of many sending organisations. We always include a couple of projects which offer free stays for anyone on a budget.

    We are also interested in hearing from start-up projects and charities abroad in regions we don’t currently work with which may want to partner with us and be able to make use of volunteers, we have a lot of enquiries not just from younger students but from older volunteers with professional skills such as carpenters, builders, IT professionals and retired school teachers.

    Thank you 🙂

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Caroline. I’m looking forward to checking out your organization.

  39. Becky’ s has volunteer / experiential learning opportunities in Ghana in the areas of education, healthcare, childcare-orphanage, disabilities or sports for social change.
    We will also appreciate if you could add us to your next round of volunteer organizations

    • Thanks for sharing with us, Seth. To get the word out about your volunteer opportunities, try utilizing the websites listed in the post. Best of luck!

  40. Dear Jonathan,

    I’m ZinsabaiHtu, and I’m from NYC. I recently found this website, I hope you could give me some advise. First of all,
    I would like to join animals Volunteering, and i always willing to help to other, however I don’t know how to start because I was a immigrants person, and i’ve been living in NYC since 2014, but the thing is I can’t speak too much English language although I was really interested in volunteering. I want to join in there and i fully hope that gives me a lot of experience to get a jobs. Also, I would like to know, if I decided to start this volunteering, what kind of certificate do I need? Because I’m not finish college here, if they asked me to give some documents about my education, I don’t have to give none of it Could you recommend which places are niche for me especially immigrants people? I looking forward to seeing your reply.

    Best regards,

    • Thanks for commenting, Htun! Try taking a look at the websites listed in the post for opportunities that you’re interested in. For some opportunities, you’ll need a certain set of skills or training, but there are others where that is not the case. Best of luck with your search!

  41. Hello am Dr. Imani Tinda, Executive Director of Tanzania Youth with New Hope in Life Organization (TAYONEHO). The organization based Tanzania in East Africa.

    We have started Volunteer placement programme in Tanzania, receiving volunteers from Abroad.

    I would like to Ask which is the best way to get the volunteers? ????

    Which organizations in abroad we can partner so that can help us in getting volunteers? ???

    What are websites can allow us in posting our volunteer information apart from Idealist, Volunteer Match and Hands on network? ???

    • Thanks for commenting, Imani. I’d recommend posting on the three sites in the post, then searching the web for similar sites based in other countries that also allow you to post volunteer opportunities. Posting opportunities on your website and making it easy for visitors to get involved from there is another great option. Plus, keeping active on social media and growing your network in that way could be a great tool to connect with other organizations and volunteers looking to go abroad. I hope that helps!

  42. Hey Jonathan,

    I’m with an Australia social enterprise called Vollie (, we launched about 10 days ago and we specialise in helping people find volunteering opportunities that can be done remotely and use their skills for. For example, if you’re an accountant or a graphic designer, you can actually volunteer your skillset from anywhere in the world at any time, and the value that the non-profit gets is often worth significantly more than the money you can donate or raise individually.

    We tailor every project to ensure that it can be completed online by a single person, so there’s no risk of being asked to do a task too great to handle.

    I’d love it if you could include our website on your list, as we have about 30 charity partners that we’re currently onboarding and will need a lot of volunteers to help out!



    • Thanks for commenting, Tom. Try posting your opportunities on the sites listed out in the article to find volunteers for your nonprofit partners. We don’t update this article with new sites very frequently, but we’re happy to keep your comment on the site for others to find. Best of luck!

    • Thanks for commenting, Janice. Try visiting the websites in the article and see if they have opportunities that might be a good fit for you. Good luck!

    • Hi Jan

      We offer opportunities to volunteer – working from home – with our Bay8 Charity

  43. My name is Archie Chinganyama Kasalika, a Manager for Maggie’s Cultural Village and Campsite for Poverty Reduction – Zambia. We are looking for a volunteers who will help us in our present undertakings namely midwives, nurses, medical licentiates , Doctors, Teachers and Community development workers to be placed in different parts of eastern province across all the nine districts in clinics, hospitals, rural health posts and women organisations. Please advise what to do. Our contact details are cell: +260 971 082757 email: or .
    I would like to invite organizations and individuals who wish to Volunteer. It’s free to volunteer with us. NO volunteer fees. Come and experience the nature of Africa. Having chance to doing Safaris in the famous South Luangwa National Park and visit the Victoria falls or the neighbouring Lake Malawi.

    • Hi Archie, try posting your volunteer opportunities on the websites listed in the post. Since the three websites provided above are fairly popular, your opportunities have a good chance of being seen by those who may be interested in coming to Zambia. Best of luck!

    • am Mary Kerubo from Kenya am an emergency medical technician…. wish to volunteer in your organization…. way forward

  44. I am needing volunteers for a production on the consequences young people make with poor decision making. In Indianapolis, In.

    • Hi, Josie! We’re happy to keep your comment posted here so those looking for volunteer opportunities near Indianapolis might see it. Good luck with your production!

  45. Hi,

    We are running a community funded programme for youth development. In which we required volunteers for English classes. How I can get volunteers for it?

    • Hi, Avinash. Try posting your volunteer opportunities on the three websites listed in the post. Good luck with your search!

  46. Dear Christine,
    Could you provide me with a few other resources that provide “Volunteer Recruitment” services similar to Points of Light that I can possibly engage with for a project (preferably located within the U.S.)? Thanks!

    • Thanks for commenting, Mika. We don’t work with volunteer recruitment services very often, so I can’t personally recommend a service. However, I’d start by conducting a detailed Google search into US volunteer recruitment services in your price range. Reach out to those companies to get a feel for who is eager and willing to work with you and who has worked on projects similar to yours in the past. You can narrow your list down from there. I hope that helps!

  47. I used to be extremely active, but 20 years after breaking four vertebrae in my neck, and a lower back injury from four auto accidents and a few severe industrial accidents have left me disabled and am no longer able to be active because of severe chronic pain. I have a great deal of experiences that I’d love to share. I also love hearing stories of others life experiences. I am personally having a very hard time dealing with being unable to be active, so give me a solid direction that would allow me to share experiences and get a reason to get out of the house. I know I’m busted up, but my last remaining chance appears to be helping others and being able just to communicate with other people. Please help, in any way possible. I am open for suggestions, any suggestions will be pursued.

    • Hi, Kevin. I’m so sorry to hear you’re having a hard time. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities that don’t require physical labor, and some can even be done completely online. Take a look at the three websites listed in the article to see if anything on those sites coincides with your interests and physical abilities. Best of luck!

    • I want find a people talk with me.Because my English is bad.I just came there for a week.I’m come from China.I want study English.

    • Thanks for commenting, Tammy. Local schools are great places to find volunteer opportunities. I’m looking forward to checking out the Volunteer Tracker!

  48. Hey,Am Rasta Zziwa from Uganda and am here to know if possible to get volunteers for my NGO organisation ,working with The street kids ,youth ,disabled here in the gheto of our country.

    • Hi, Rasta. Try posting your volunteer opportunities on the websites in the post. They’re popular tools for those looking to volunteer. Good luck!

  49. I would like to suggest one more group i.e ispiice where i was volunteering as a child care and i learned lots of things.

    • Hi, Carol. We don’t update this post very often with new groups and websites, but I’m happy to leave your comment up so people can find your organization that way. Best of luck!

  50. I suggest, it is another great website which brings together volunteers who organizes events as well as create groups or communities in their area, and even worldwide.

    • Hi, Axalis. We don’t update this post very often, but I’m happy to leave your comment up. Those looking for volunteer opportunities outside of the three listed in the post might find your website here. Thanks for commenting, and best of luck!

  51. We are a young and very dynamic project team based in Ilboru, Arusha. Our aim is to bring people from different backgrounds together to build a quality education system for children in primary schools all around Ilboru Tanzania.

    We are currently placing volunteers from all around the world in different Primary and Secondary schools all around Ilboru. With over 4000 students coming from difficult financial backgrounds, help is needed urgently. Please visit our website for more details

    Thank you so much.

    • Hi, Samson. We don’t update this list too often with new websites, but I’m happy to leave your comment up so people might find your organization that way. Best of luck!

  52. My name is Milton Opoya , from Uganda , Africa.
    With Due Respect and Humanity, I was compelled to write to you under a
    humanitarian ground .
    We are looking for volunteers for free , do not need to pay us money !
    For free, come and volunteer
    African Child In Need is charitable, Non – Governmental

    Organization, Non – political, Non – Sectarian, Non- profit making.

    It is registered with National NGO Board with registration number
    ACIN was established in 2004 to promote and advocate for the rights of
    children and rescue children from the streets.

    It is Child centered NGO operating in the third world Country Uganda
    Africa to RESCUE STREET CHILDREN to long-term sustainable health,
    Education and Child support,
    prevention and protection of child abuse and neglect, through
    strengthening, implementation of activities in areas of advocacy and
    service delivery, working with children and communities for sustained
    impact, dedicated to the reduction of suffering, elimination of
    extreme poverty in the world poorest villages.

    The organization strives to achieve lasting improvement in the quality
    of life of children through processes that unites people across
    cultures and add meaning and value to their lives.


    Children living out of family structure lack positive role models and are at
    greater risks of feeling powerless and disaffected to crime.

    Life on streets usually means a life of invisibility especially so
    for children living on the streets. Street children are often
    shunned,ignored and excluded in the society .

    Street children are not pleasant to look
    at, living on the streets means being dirty,naked,and being ill. One on
    the streets becomes vulnerable to all forms of exploitation , abuse and
    their daily lives are likely to be removed from the ideal child

    Education is often the first causalities for an
    orphan and vulnerable children. Children do not go to school because of
    domestic burden problem upon them become too great.

    They also become exposed to exclusion from other services including
    vital information a bout health , nutrition and life skills .


    Child Poverty in form of hunger and lack of opportunities .
    Poverty of education and relevant training
    Parental abuse and beatings .
    Child abuse and neglect, sexual assault, intimate partner or family
    violence, and exposure to community violence.
    Broken families .


    Passionately concerned for destitute children and to transform
    places of darkness into places of light and hope, to advocate for
    improved lives quality of life and preservation of the dignity of
    young persons.


    To stand as advocates for vulnerable children to release them from
    bondage of poverty and enhance their academic status ,give health care
    ,expose them socially and help them exploit their talents and gifts ,
    so that they become positive change a gents in the community .


    To identify problems faced by children in difficult circumstances
    To create awareness among leaders and members of selected communities
    about the plight of vulnerable children with view to create will and
    commitment to help these children with special needs .
    To intensity a broaden creative with better methods of managing
    substance abuse among vulnerable children.
    To offer special care for children, protect them against torture,
    child labor, child abuse and child slavery, drug abuse and sexual
    exploitation .


    To reduce stigma, to ensure that there is shared understanding about
    stigma a bout street children and to address it and to deal with
    different forms of stigmatization below.





    To take the following strategies in combating the issue of stigma.

    1. Create the existing national policies to advocate for the rights
    of vulnerable children.

    2. Facilitate justice for children in conflicts with the law.

    3. Create supportive legal frame work

    4. Promote more positive attitude.

    5. Train care givers in psycho social support

    6. Discuss the impact the stigma on children and other stake holders.

    7. Support interventions to promote tolerance and care for
    stigmatized children.

    8. Promote more attitude towards the reduction and elimination of
    stigma associated with street children .

    9. Promote community awareness of children’s right and legislation
    against discrimination.

    10. Establish children’s club to provide ongoing support and
    opportunities for social

    11. Provide legal support and services for children ,widows and
    grandparents , to advise them of their rights and help them obtain
    legal entitlement .

    12. Integrate counseling and support to the affected people to help
    them deal with stigma

    Child and Family Safety: African Child In Need continues to promote
    high-quality prevention and intervention programs that promote child and
    family safety and reduce the long-term traumatic effects of child abuse and
    neglect, sexual assault, intimate partner or family violence, and exposure
    to community violence.


    Milton Opoya,

    African Child In Need ,
    P.O.BOX 33467 Kampala Uganda , Africa.
    Email :
    Tel : +256 780 915 836

    • Thanks for commenting, Milton. Unfortunately, we don’t update this list with new resources and opportunities very often. I’m happy to leave your comment up so people can find your organization in that way. Best of luck!

    • Hi Rasta…am Jacinta Wayua a Kenyan, 21yrs of age…I saw your post about looking for volunteers… I don’t have money but I can dedicate my time and serve the needy… kindly get back to me at you

  53. i am from pakistan and i need help for poor humans plz help and guide me

    • Hi, Shan. If you’re working for a nonprofit, you can post volunteer opportunities on the websites listed out in the article above. That way, those looking for volunteer opportunities with the poor in Pakistan can find your organization. I hope that helps!

  54. Thanks for the useful article really great job . You people are great and doing great too. pay a visit to this site if you also want to volunteer in Nepal. the land of beauty, Buddha, Great mountains like The MT. EVEREST…….

    • Hi, Sarena. We’re glad you liked the post. Unfortunately, we don’t update this post very often, but I’m happy to leave your comment up so that those looking to volunteer in Nepal can find it that way. Best of luck!

  55. Volunteers, donate for free accomodation at sama the partakers contact +254718575508 Mail all are welcomed to help these orphans and disadvantaged children for education.lots of love from Mombasa Kenya.

    • Thanks for commenting, Mercy. We don’t update the article itself very often, but I’m happy to leave your comment here so folks can find your organization that way. Good luck!

  56. Hi…am Jacinta, a Kenyan. 21 years. am looking for full-time opportunity to volunteer.I don’t have money but I can dedicate my time to serve the needy. I can work for free as long as the org can provide me accommodation. kindly help me get such opportunities. thanks

    • That’s awesome, Jacinta! I’d recommend browsing the websites listed in the post for opportunities that would be a good fit for you. Best of luck!

  57. hello mr Jonathan Goldford.i greeting in the name of lord,am called Abbey Remo Lwate,i stay in Uganda,am forming my organization which help orphan children in our community.and our community has a lot of problems,the children are not studying,poor sanitation,poor agriculture,poverty,no electricity power or solar system,
    am requesting u to give a peace of advise
    if there is an volunteer who wanna support any organization am happy and i’ll welcome him or her,
    here is my
    i’ll be so glad for the reply,

    • Hi, Abbey. Unfortunately, we don’t update this post with new opportunities very regularly. However, I’m happy to leave your comment here so that potential volunteers can find it that way. In the meantime, I’d suggest posting your volunteer opportunities on the websites listed out in the post. They’re popular with volunteers and can be great resources for organizations. Good luck!

  58. I heard of a website a while back where you could volunteer and they would track your hours. And in turn someone could help you with something and everyone accrued hours and spent hours. Does anyone know what it’s called? The program basically went like this… Say Mrs Jones is great at gardening. She would go help someone (volunteer) 2 hours with their garden. In turn she needed help with preparing and cooking meals. So Mrs. Jackson who is great at preparing Italian food would come help (volunteer) 2 hours at Mrs. Jones house to make a dinner. It worked like that. I’d love to sign up for it but I cannot remember the name of it 😩

    • Hi, Deserie. I haven’t heard of a volunteer program that works like the one you described. However, there are lots of great volunteer opportunities listed out on the websites in the post above. I hope you find what you’re looking for!


    • Hi, Maggie. We haven’t had any comments matching that description in the past month. You could try searching by location within the resources outlined in the post above. Let us know if you find him. Best of luck!

  60. Young Diplomats is an international organizations. But am the Africa Regional Deputy Director. An Africa where the youth are deliberately developed to reach their fullest potentials, and actively leading the continent to sustainable peace, good governance, development and prosperity.increasing the quantity of high pedigree young leaders achieving global impact.
    Increasing capacity building platforms for youth to actively participate in promoting public accountability, impactful and sustainable democratic governance. An to also create a platform for international relations student to share their articles to the World. Recently am conducting a program African Volunteering week .were we visit the orphanage homes, organizations and institutions.We are looking for organization we can volunteer. Thanks

    • Hi, Prisca. I’d recommend checking the websites in the post for similar opportunities. It could also be worthwhile to research and reach out to adoption and foster care organizations in the cities you’re looking to volunteer in. Best of luck!

    • Hi, Kosko. Both VolunteerMatch and Idealist have opportunities listed in Uganda. Try visiting each of those websites and searching by your location to see if you’re interested in any of the opportunities near you. Best of luck!

  61. Dear Friends,
    We are an orphanage located in Mangalagiri,Andhra Pradesh,India.We take care of 65 orphans and we need some volunteers at our place. Accommodation will be provided .We need couple volunteers. We are situated 32 kms away from Vijayawada International Airport and 12 kms from The biggest Railway Junction.Please contact us.

    • Hi, Anil. Thanks for letting us know about your organization! We don’t update this post with new opportunities very often, but those looking for opportunities in India may find you through your comment. Good luck!

  62. My name is Ayodeji from Nigeria. We need volunteers that with help us in schools, you could search our group on Google Srevprogram. Or add me up on WhatsApp 07031560189. Thanks remain blessed

    • Hi, Ayodeji. We don’t update this post with new resources very often, but I’m happy to leave your comment up so people can find you that way. Good luck!

  63. Hello, I am a nurse but I don’t have work permit in Italy. I live in Rome currently. I would like to volunteer in some health institutions near Lorentina if possible. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you !

    • Hi, Tara. Try visiting the websites featured in the post and searching by your location near Lorentina to see if you’re interested in any of those opportunities. I hope that helps!

  64. Hi
    I’m from Zanzibar Tanzania
    I have my organization drilling with English teaching and school subjects as a tuition, in my organization I provide free education and educational support for the orphans students and children living in extremely poverty.
    My question is. How do I get you as to volunteer in my community? Will be very good and happy if help us.

    • Hi, Mohammed. I’d suggest posting your volunteer opportunities on the websites listed in the post. Hopefully, those sites can put more eyes on both your volunteer opportunities and your organization. Good luck!

  65. Hi,im Ngale Clarence Yannick,sports and physical education personnel,working with the ministry of sports and physical education in Cameroon.i was wondering how i could find a volunteer program in Africa.That Will be a dream come true.I’m on +23794438372

    • Hi, Ngale! We don’t update this post with new resources very often, but I’m happy to leave your comment up so people can find you that way. We also suggest checking the websites in the post from time to time to find opportunities in Cameroon and elsewhere in Africa.

  66. This is Action for compassion Ghana Foundation,A fully registered Non profit organization in Elmina,Central Region of Ghana, West Africa.

    We focuses on Education, organic farming,healthcare,infrastructure and skill training.

    We humbly write to seek partnership for a volunteers/interns for developmental project in Ghana.

    Thank you and counting on your cooperation.


    • Hello, Henry! Have you tried posting your volunteer opportunities on the websites listed in the post? Hopefully, those sites can bring attention to your organization and the type of volunteers and interns that would be a good fit for your project. You might also find like-minded nonprofits to partner with. Best wishes!

  67. Iam rohingya refugees from bangladesh camp. I have intereasting to work volunteer post. Who can help me?

    • Try using the resources outlined in the post to search for volunteer opportunities you may have an interest in near you. I hope that helps. Best of luck!

  68. I am looking to volunteer as front-end web development position in Ottawa, Canada?

    • Hi, Rabih. Try visiting each of the websites in the post and searching by your location to see if there are any front-end web development opportunities that you’re interested in near you. Best of luck!

  69. Am in Nigeria, and am looking for a sincere charitable organization I can work with. Will be glad if you can help. Thanks

    • Hi, Sophia. Try looking on the websites in the post for opportunities that you’re interested in nearby you in Nigeria. Best of luck!

  70. My name is Jenipher Mosha i want to volunteer helping different people where should i start.

    • Hi, Jenipher. I’d recommend taking a look at the volunteer opportunities near you on the websites listed out in the post above. You can filter the opportunities by location and categories of organizations that interest you (for example, organizations that work with animals or have missions that advocate for human rights). Best of luck!

    • Hi

      Mqy we interesting in working with a Jamaican based Charity – which allows you to work from home?

    • Thanks for commenting! We don’t update this article with new sites very frequently, but we’re happy to keep your comment on the site for others to find. Best of luck!

    • VolunteerMatch Ghana (VMG) is an international organization that offers volunteering and internship opportunities in Ghana, spanning across all major regions. Established in 2003, the organization has managed to place more than 1000 volunteers overseas in different programs.

      Childcare, Medical and Healthcare, Summer Volunteer and Travel Programs, 2 Week Special Projects, Community Development, Teaching Projects, Women Empowerment, and Wildlife Conservation are some of the most affordable, popular and best volunteer abroad programs offered by VolunteerMatch Ghana. Along with these, we also provide service learning trips for individuals as well as groups of students.

      A team of efficient Program Advisors operate from the VolunteerMatch Ghana’s HQ, and would be glad to provide support and assistance to the participants. There are some specially crafted Summer Break/ Winter Break and Spring Break programs for high school students, who can join individually or in a group.

      Solo travelers and backpackers, couples and families as well as student groups with supervisors can choose from an array of volunteering opportunities provided by VolunteerMatch Ghana. Volunteering projects are available throughout the year, in all our locations across different regions of Ghana.

  71. I am a Kenyan who had lived in the rural area but stayed in the city of Nairobi doing research and studying in urban area (Nairobi Capital City of Kenya).
    I am flexible to work with any NGO regardless of the location or region of operation.

    • That’s awesome, Kennedy! I’d recommend visiting the websites listed in the post above and filtering the opportunities to your interests and location. Best of luck!

    • Thanks for sharing these volunteer opportunities, Juliette. We don’t update our post with new resources very often, but I’m happy to leave this comment here so that potential volunteers can find you that way. Good luck!

  72. , African Rural Volunteers was created to provide a unique approach and a quality platform for volunteers to contribute to rural development. Not just by giving arms, but teaching and increasing community participation in development.

    Our volunteers donate precious times to support people living in improverished conditions, and our primary focus is at the rural level. Our volunteers are strong, passionate and adventurous and most of all ready to put a smile and engage in the change process that we have started.
    you can contact us for you volunteer placement in Ghana

    • Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, we don’t update this post with new resources very often. I’m happy to keep the comment up so that people can find your organization that way. Check out the websites in the article and try posting your opportunities on those sites. Good luck!

  73. Hi,
    I’m a young woman from Nigeria, I’m passionate about doing voluntary work. I’m interested in volunteering in the following areas; community development, women empowerment, girl child education, outreach to the less-privileged, social engagement work etc. It’s been hard finding a volunteer opportunity here in Nigeria. If you’re looking for volunteers or you have a connection or a lead, KINDLY contact me through; or
    +234 8066938295.
    Thank you.

    • Hi, Oluwaseun. Try visiting the websites listed in the post to see if there are any nearby volunteer opportunities that interest you. Best of luck!

  74. Hello
    Am from Kenya and I want to work as a volunteer in charity stuff I love helping and spending time with any kind of charity weather it’s kids or old people or distrubition of food in any country so please guide me am new I don’t have any ideas so help me thanks!

    • Hi, Naeem. That’s awesome you’re excited to start volunteering! Try checking out the resources in the post to see if you can find an opportunity that you’re interested in. Best of luck!

    • Thanks for commenting, Henry. We don’t update the resources in the post on a regular basis, but potential volunteers might still find you through the comments. Good luck!

  75. i am interested in volunteering as an adult ed or ESL teacher. Any suggestions??

    • Hi, Ro. I’d recommend checking the sites listed in the post to see if there are any opportunities that interest you in either of those two categories. Good luck!

    • Life coaches and special education don’t exist in BELIZE.
      Many young adults need someone to help them establish a healthy routine with the limited resources available. Looking for volunteers that can spend several months with families trying to come up with their own alternative for dealing with young adults that never got a high school education and need guidance due to unhealthy mental issues that can lead to unhealthy coaping mechanisms.

    • Thanks for commenting, Chetanya. We don’t regularly update this post with new resources, but those looking through the comments will be able to find your organization that way.

    • Thanks for sharing, Diego. We don’t routinely update this post, but those looking for volunteer opportunities can still find your website through the comments.

  76. Am babu Ismail from Tanzania in arusha Tanzania I like to invite people to come to volunteer our orphanage

    • Hi, Babu. We don’t update this post with new opportunities often, but potential volunteers can still find your organization through the comments.

  77. Am Sarah from Uganda kiryandongo am inviting someone to volunteer in our community project school for children whose parents cannot afford there school payments. For more details email to

  78. We are seeking for international volunteers for the following positions:

    This volunteer opportunity are unpaid and volunteers are expected to pay for their own plane tickets. Feeding, accommodation, visa fees and work related transportation will be covered by the host organization. Interested persons should please submit their applications electronically to with in copy. or check our website to contact us if you interested at: Please attach up-to-date CV along with a cover letter

    Positions: Volunteers Needed as soon as possible

    Project Assistants (2)—(UNICEF funded project for Quality Life Skills Development and Empowerment of Adolescents project for the Purpose of Enhancing Positive Decision Making and Self-Sufficiency in Peace Island, Liberia)

    Programme Development Advisor (PDA) -( The PDA’s responsibility is to guarantee a high quality programme design by ensuring line management with expertise and knowledge. The PDA will provide major input in programme formulation and monitoring as well as the development of project proposals for potential donors.)

    Grant Manager- (The Grant Manager is responsible for managing a team of grant writers in order to research and apply for funding opportunities for Youth Crime Watch of Liberia (YCWL). In this capacity, the Grant Manager will ensure that funding proposals are completed and submitted to the granting organization within the time frame indicated on the proposal/application.)

    Below are other positions you will have to pay a monthly fees for your accommodations, feedings.
    There are few other positions like:
    Community Engagement/Mentoring Assistants- UNICEF funded project
    Gender Coordinator
    Youth Media Project Coordinator
    Guidance Counsellor
    Street Library Teachers
    Program Assistant

    You can visit our website at: for more information or facebook page at:

  79. Hello Jonathan Goldford,

    My Selfless Act also provide volunteer opportunities and a platform to share your selfless act. Sharing your work and activities on My Selfless Act helps you to connect with volunteers, supporters, donors, employees, organizations.

  80. Hi! I would like to ask if there are doctors in here who are willing to help for the people in need of medical attention. I am currently working right now in EAST NEW BRITAIN , PAPUA NEW GUINEA. I am a citizen of the country Philippines. Base on my observation, it would be such a great help if one doctor can volunteer to check these people. our company will provide accommodation and food for the volunteer doctor. The locals only have 1 hospital but without doctors; just nurses who take 2 years in they’re study. The locals never experience the world that we all have experience. I hope somebody out here likes to help these people.We don’t a money; Just your learning and expertise with any types of sickness.
    Just reply on these note if you are interested to help our little clinic.

    • Thanks for advocating for your clinic, Michelle. Hopefully, there are some doctors searching through this comment thread that will be able to help. Good luck!

  81. I am free beginning January 15,2018. I am looking out to volunteer overseas.

    • That’s great, Jacob! Check out the resources listed in the post to find opportunities in the parts of the world you’re interested in traveling to.

  82. I agree with what you said about how people have different interests in doing volunteer work and that it’s possible to find opportunities no matter what you like to do. We are looking for volunteers for our event, and it has very specific parameters, so we should probably advertise those. If we can find the right volunteers who are looking to help out, I think our event will be much better off!

  83. hi am Samuel mulenga, I did irrigation technology which I finished 2016, since that time I have been looking for the opportunity as a volunteer,so if their is any one in group who can help me find this opportunity,please do so. all I need is an experience,that’s my email address for those who my be interested in helping (, am actually based in Malawi,thank you

    • Thanks, Samuel! You could also try looking for volunteer opportunities that interest you in the resources linked in the article. Good luck!

  84. i would like to volunteer in electrical engineering light current process instrumentation
    but i don’t know where to get it . if you can help please call me 0832070144 i’m around durban

    • Glad to hear that, Mlamuli! Check out the resources in the post to see if there are any opportunities that fit those requirements near you.

  85. I’m a 2019 high school graduate and i would like to do volunteer work in Egypt, any help?

    • Hi, Sohaila. Congrats on the graduation! Try using the location filtering options within the websites listed out in the post to find a volunteer opportunity that’s a good fit for you. Good luck!

    • That’s great, Emily! Hopefully, a Kenyan nonprofit with a need for a nutritionist finds your comment here. You might also use the websites in the article to proactively find nonprofits that could be a good fit.

  86. This is Mercyship Initiative International, we are a charity Organisation based in Central Uganda, we help out in the underprivileged people in our local community and seeking out partners and Volunteers to work with and change lives, Reach One Impact Many-ROIM, contact us on, +256782976347. Thanks do much we love you and waiting for your positive response.

  87. Good day all

    If anyone is interested in working from home – volunteering with a Jamaican based charity, kindly visit, or drop us an email at

    It doesnt matter your experience or expertise


    • Michael,

      We appreciate you reaching out and offering this opportunity to our visitors! Thank you for the insight.

  88. Hello Jonathan Goldford..!! thanks for sharing this list here. Really appreciated your efforts. You can also explore Humanity Prime to find out non-profit organizations that can help mentally disabled people and can provide housing & food assistance.

  89. Thanks for sharing valuable information. After reading this article I have found the best Tarrant county volunteer opportunities via the website.

  90. Welcome to Uganda Africa

    Peculiar Child Care Support (PCCS) is a registered nonprofit organisation working to transform living conditions in Kampala’s poorest slum areas and marginalized rural communities of Uganda by empowering the vulnerable children, teenagers and young adults through education, health, economic empowerment and community outreach programs.

    Our projects are community based and they are geared towards sustainability, since its establishment, PCCS’s primary focus has been supporting children, young adults and empowering community development. We mainstream child rights and gender equality throughout our projects. We are a non-denominational and non-political organisation.

    We operate an established volunteer programs for individuals, mission groups, couples, families, students and professionals which includes structured short-term and long-term placements in Uganda Africa; enabling participants to support our work, learn about the success’ and challenges of international development and work hand in hand with our Ugandan staff to serve the communities PCCS exists to serve.

    In the past, they have come from countries such as: Uganda, Canada, USA, UK, Australia, German, Netherlands, Norway, Ireland, UK, etc.

    “The way you get meaning into your life is to devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning.” -Mitch Albom

    • Thanks for the background on your organization, Samuel. Hopefully, it will help to convince volunteers from around the world to join in your cause once it is safe to travel again.

  91. Development Support Initiatives (DESI) is a small, local and newly formed and registered organization in Malawi looking for a volunteer to design a website for the organization. We have several projects with children and women. Anybody willing can contact us on:

  92. I am wanting to volunteer working with animals of all types but having a hard time finding. You would think it to be easy by contacting shelters but with Covid I am not able to stop by and they don’t answer phones. Is there a more general site to go to to apply for numerous opportunities in the Portland OR area or do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi, Lori. Have you tried the three sites outlined in the post? Those are all general sites that may have options for you. Shelters could be a tough place to volunteer in person at the moment, but you could look for animal rescues that allow volunteers to foster animals and help out in that way. Best of luck!

  93. I really want to volunteer in my country.iam a Zambian citizen kindly please consider me i have done volunteering work before and with the little experience I have I know I can do my be

    • Thanks for reaching out, Nang’andu. It’s great to hear you’d like to volunteer! To find opportunities nearby, we’d recommend using the location search features on the resources listed in the post. Best of luck!

  94. Life coaches and special education don’t exist in BELIZE.
    Many young adults need someone to help them establish a healthy routine with the limited resources available. Looking for volunteers that can spend several months with families trying to come up with their own alternative for dealing with young adults that never got a high school education and need guidance due to unhealthy mental issues that can lead to unhealthy coaping mechanisms.

  95. I am BE Metallurgical and have around 12 years of experience in Engineering projects as QA Manager.
    For last couple of years I am volunteering in an NGO .I teach Maths and Science in their schools .I also teach various skill development like welding and fabrication in the NGOs skill development center.I am into Yoga and Meditation.
    Now my question is how can I volunteer my skills online?I have tried but not getting such options.Can anyone guide me?

  96. Hello.

    We are looking for volunteers to work on our projects in Tanzania, If you’re interested or if you think you can help us out with recruiter volunteers kindly let me know.

    We have different projects, hospitals, schools, orphanages, and women projects in the Kilimanjaro region Tanzania.

    • Thanks for sharing your opportunity, Collins! We hope this comment leads to a helpful volunteer. You might also consider posting your opportunity on the volunteer sites listed in the post above.

    • Am Kelly Kenneth staying in Kenya am a mentor by profession willing to work with your organization

    • Thanks for posting your volunteer opportunity, Nicholas. You might add it to the volunteer resources listed in the article, as well. Best of luck!

    • Thanks for the resource, Veronica! It should definitely come in handy for all those hoping to volunteer virtually during (and after!) the pandemic.

    • Thanks for sharing this opportunity, Ganesh. You might also consider posting it on the websites listed in the post above to reach a larger audience of volunteers. Best of luck!

  97. Sonship is a humbled organization in Burundi, serving lives in the lowest income villages of Burundi in Health and Education& Adult Literacy.

    We are looking for volunteers in Health (Nurses for our HelpStand Medical Volunteer Program) and English teachers for children in our Multidisciplinary center. All volunteers are welcomed and host in our volunteers homes, Internet, food, local transport, FREE


  98. My name is Mahdi from Morocco. I want to volunteer. I have a language problem. I speak Arabic only and I want to learn languages

    • Thanks for reaching out, Mehdi! Try using the tools listed in the article above to find volunteer opportunities that fit what you’re looking for.

  99. Do you want to volunteer with a charity organization in Uganda along the river Nile. Try us as igulu foundation
    Instagram @igulufoundation

  100. Hi every one am Brian from Uganda kindly I request to direct me on how to get areal volunteer who can support our organization thank you and God bless you..

    • Thanks for commenting, Brian. We’d recommend sharing volunteer opportunities through the resources listed in the article. Good luck!