5 Common Nonprofit Website Myths Worth Debunking

Nonprofit Website Myths

Creating a website for your nonprofit can be complicated.  There are a ton of decisions to be made throughout the entire process.  As with any decisions, you’ll be making them based on some preconceived notions.

When it comes to nonprofit websites, there are a few common myths I hear all the time.  I hear them so often I felt compelled to clear them up, right here, right now. READ MORE >>

Mississippi First Website Launches

Mississippi First

We recently had the pleasure of launching a site for Mississippi First.

Mississippi First is an organization dedicated to increasing educational achievement and graduation rates in K-12 school, decreasing the achievement gap, and improving teen health in the state of Mississippi. READ MORE >>

Nonprofit Mobile Website Navigation: Tips and Best Practices

Nonprofit Mobile Website Navigation

This post is the second in our series on Nonprofit Website Navigation.  For the first post, check out Nonprofit Website Navigation: Tips and Best Practices.

We discussed in Part 1 the importance of taking the time to thoughtfully craft your website’s navigation. But, what will this same navigation look like on a mobile version of your site? You’re working with a device 1/3 the size of a normal computer screen now, so does your navigation get cut? How can you still provide a good experience for your users? Should the mobile version have fewer navigation options since the canvas is now smaller as well? READ MORE >>

Nonprofit Website Navigation: Tips and Best Practices

Nonprofit Website Navigation

Navigation is one of the most import building blocks to your nonprofit’s website. It’s one of the first items users see on your site, and it is the system that leads to all of your content. So, it stands to reason that your navigation needs to be as functional as possible.

Now for the tricky part; there are about a million ways to tackle your site’s navigation. Do you have a lot of content, or only a little bit? Should your navigation be on the top or over to the side? What’s right for your site? READ MORE >>

The Ways Knowing Your Audience Impacts Your Website

Website Audience

When you’re designing a new nonprofit website, there are a ton of things to think about.  What do you want the website to do?  What should it look like?  Who’ll be involved in the project? How will you drive the right people to the site? But before getting into the details of your new website, it’s important to answer one key question:

Who are you targeting with the new site?

This all-important question has implications for many facets of your project. READ MORE >>

The Benefits of Using an Open-Source Content Management System

Open Source Content Management System

I feel compelled to start with a disclaimer: we love open-source software around the Wired Impact office.  It’s a bias I’m going to carry through this entire post.

But my love of open-source is (I believe) well informed and rooted in a belief that using open-source solutions typically produces better results for the nonprofits we work with. READ MORE >>

How to Share Fundraising Success More Effectively

Share Fundraising Success Effectively

Congratulations!  You’ve just finished a round of fundraising that was an overwhelming success.  Maybe it was a capital campaign, a major event or just a seasonal goal.  It likely wasn’t easy, but you buckled down and in the end you achieved your goal.

While that’s great, your job is not done once your goal is reached.  Far from it in fact.  Now it’s time to share your fundraising success in a way that makes your donors feel like champions and helps your organization raise more in the future. READ MORE >>