How to Ensure Your Nonprofit Website Design Matches Your Brand

Website Design Matches Brand

You’re at a standstill. You’ve got wonderful business collateral—great business cards, awesome letterhead, and shiny new coffee mugs with your logo on them—but you are without a website. You want to tell your story and showcase your mission, but how do you make your website immediately recognizable by matching your existing brand?

The key to seamless branding across all media platforms is consistency. READ MORE >>

3 Ways to Build Trust through Website Copy

Build Trust Through Website Copy

Building trust is a key component of establishing a connection with your website visitors.  If they don’t trust you, it’s far less likely they’ll decide to get involved with your nonprofit.

But building trust isn’t an easy thing to do, especially if a visitor hasn’t heard of your organization before.  So what can you do? READ MORE >>

43 Nonprofit Blog Post Ideas About Fundraising

Nonprofit Blog Post Ideas

When thinking about your nonprofit’s website, it’s common to give online fundraising a good deal of thought. Many nonprofits spend a lot of time thinking about their donation process. Some are incredibly thoughtful about the calls to action they’ll use to drive visitors to become donors. A few will even go so far as to use analytics to run tests to ensure their pages are optimized to maximize donations. READ MORE >>

How to Test the Usability of Your Nonprofit Website

Usability Testing

Most people feel great when they launch a new website.  And that makes total sense.  Come Launch Day, you’ve likely been working on your new site for months and thinking about it a whole lot longer than that.  Your vision is finally a reality, up on the web for the world to see.

While launching your site feels good, in most cases the new site isn’t really aimed at you.  It’s for your target audience.  They’re the ones that will be looking for information and trying to get more involved with your organization. READ MORE >>

How to Customize Your Nonprofit’s YouTube Channel Design

Customize Nonprofit YouTube Channel Design

YouTube is the social media king of housing video content. If your nonprofit creates video media, YouTube is an excellent resource for sharing your content while simultaneously promoting your brand.

Customizing your YouTube channel is important so that viewers can immediately recognize your channel as belonging specifically to your organization. By using your brand colors, typography and familiar imagery, you can claim your space on the web, and enhance your nonprofit’s online marketing. READ MORE >>

Using the Channels Report in Google Analytics

Channels Report in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a beast of a tool.  It gives you so much data it can quickly get overwhelming.  For this very reason, it’s important to find those reports that are going to be meaningful when it comes to measuring the success of your nonprofit’s website.

The Channels Report is one of those reports I’d suggest you get to know.  It’s a great way to see what traffic sources are driving the most and, more importantly, the best traffic to your website. READ MORE >>