10 Nonprofit Tech Folks You Should Follow on Twitter

Nonprofit Tech Folks to Follow on Twitter

The nonprofit tech space is incredible.

Not only is it constantly growing and evolving, but it’s also filled with some of the most interesting people around.  Nowhere is this more apparent than on Twitter.

Narrowing our list to only ten people wasn’t an easy feat and I’ll be the first to admit we’ve definitely left some excellent ones off the list.  But here are ten of our favorite nonprofit tech folks that we follow on Twitter. READ MORE >>

A Nonprofit Web Design Process [Infographic]

Nonprofit Website Design Process

Creating a new website for your nonprofit is a daunting task.  There’s a whole lot to consider – from the look and feel you’re going for to what you want visitors to be able to do on the site.  Plus you have to find the right folks to turn your vision into a reality.

We know there’s no perfect web design process that’ll work for every organization.  But through our work with a variety of nonprofits, we’ve put together the following process. READ MORE >>

Authenticity: The Key to Thanking Supporters

Authenticity Nonprofit Thank You Supporters

It’s that time of year when giving thanks becomes top of mind.  While always important, showing appreciation is often highlighted during the holiday season.

No matter when you’re showing appreciation to your supporters, there’s one key element you need to remember:

Authenticity

5 Tests to Get Better Results from Your Nonprofit’s Email Newsletter

Testing Nonprofit Newsletter

There’s no shortage of advice when it comes to getting the most out of your nonprofit’s email newsletter.  I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of folks telling you to keep your copy simple or to personalize your message based on the interests of your audience.

That’s all good stuff.  And while that kind of general advice can be incredibly helpful, it doesn’t necessarily take all the nuances of your recipients into account.

Instead of simply applying the best practices you come across, test them out for yourself. READ MORE >>

4 Ways to Improve Volunteer Satisfaction Using Your Website

Website Improve Volunteer Satisfaction

For many nonprofits, the support of volunteers is essential when it comes to fulfilling your mission.  Without volunteers, everything that needs doing simply wouldn’t get done.

Happy volunteers are worth a whole lot more to your organization as well.  They’re more likely to speak highly of you, refer friends to you and sign up to volunteer again. READ MORE >>

4 Typography Tips to Make Your Content More Readable


When tasked with evaluating your nonprofit’s site design, you may wonder where to start. What are you supposed to be looking at? What is the most important part of your design?

While there are a lot of important elements of your website design, one of the most important is your typography. READ MORE >>

Great Nonprofit Logo Design

Nonprofit Logo Design

Your nonprofit’s logo is the visual centerpiece of your brand. It’s a stamp that labels the work you do, the content you produce, and the impact you have. It’s also often your first statement to website visitors about who you are (since it’s right there at the top of your website).

Therefore, it is very important that your logo conveys the right message about your organization and that it conveys that message clearly. Here are a few ways to do both of those things and a couple of nonprofits that are doing them well. READ MORE >>

6 Ways to Make Online Donors More Comfortable

Online Donors More Comfortable

Getting website visitors to donate online is hard.  It’s difficult to drive visitors to your website in the first place.  Once a visitor is on your site, it’s tough to inspire them and get them invested in your cause.  Even after they’re invested, it’s no easy feat getting them to decide to support your nonprofit with a financial contribution.

That’s a lot to tackle in one blog post, so let’s focus in a bit.

Instilling a sense of confidence in your organization can go a long way in leading a potential donor to give. READ MORE >>