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Marketing Automation Tips for a Successful Campaign

Marketing automation has the potential to increase your day-to-day efficiency. It can help you reach goals like boosting volunteerism, increasing donations, ramping up event attendance, and more. However, creating the campaigns for these automated emails that drive people to act takes a fair amount of work. Taking the time to think through the details of your campaign is critical to its success. (more…)

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Nonprofits work matters
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23 Blog Post Ideas for Why Your Nonprofit’s Work Matters

Your nonprofit is meeting a need. Your blog is an opportunity to highlight that need and how you’re addressing it. Inspire potential supporters by sharing stories, information, news and updates that demonstrate your impact. Let people know there’s a problem and you’re part of the solution. Visitors are much more likely to support a cause they know is making a difference.

Your work matters. Here are 23 ways you can blog about it. (more…)

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