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13 Blogs Every Nonprofit Marketer Should Be Reading

When you work in nonprofit marketing, it’s important to stay on top of new products, software, methods, trends—everything. You never want to be the last to know. So, I read a lot of blogs. Some are focused specifically on nonprofits, others just provide super helpful information that a nonprofit could definitely use. All have added…

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5 Inspiring Nonprofit Get Involved Pages

Maybe it’s because I like everything to be super organized, but I love when nonprofit websites have a Get Involved section. There’s something to be said for giving people options, and for keeping them all in one place. It makes life so much easier.

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An Introduction to Nonprofit Social Media Marketing

It’s a bit overwhelming when you consider all of the social media options out there. Every day it seems like a new one pops up, but no one has any idea which will stick around. This makes the process of deciding which platforms your nonprofit should pursue and which you should forgo a bit daunting.

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3 Ways to Create Compelling Nonprofit Content

What makes content “compelling”? I’ll bet, if you had a dollar for every time you read about your nonprofit’s web content needing to be compelling/powerful/inspirational—well, you probably wouldn’t be as focused on driving people to donate. But, how exactly do you make your mission, your work and your impact stick with people?

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