WordPress for Nonprofits

Website Theme Design


Why & How We Design Our Own Nonprofit Website Themes

Once upon a time, the Wired Impact team focused solely on custom website design for nonprofits—meaning we built complex and powerful websites for a handful of groups each year. But now, by creating a nonprofit website platform, we can put our expertise into action on a larger scale. Offering a set of website themes means that…

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Blog Features for Nonprofits


13 Blog Features to Include in Your Nonprofit Blog

You’ve finally given into the hype and decided to start a blog on your nonprofit website. But how do you know which blog features to include in your new blogging system? To make your new blog as easy to use as possible for both you and your readers, it’s important to take the time to…

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Open Source Content Management System


The Benefits of Using an Open-Source Content Management System

I feel compelled to start with a disclaimer: we love open-source software around the Wired Impact office.  It’s a bias I’m going to carry through this entire post. But my love of open-source is (I believe) well informed and rooted in a belief that using open-source solutions typically produces better results for the nonprofits we…

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Nonprofit Blog Within Website


Your Nonprofit’s Blog Needs to be Within Your Website

A blog is a big deal these days. Many organizations have jumped on the blogging bandwagon.  And rightfully so.  There are numerous ways a blog can help your nonprofit’s website, including: Driving targeted traffic Demonstrating your expertise Building trust with potential supporters Sharing your nonprofit’s impact Promoting social sharing But the point of this post…

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